Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dr. Phil Agrees to Pull Transphobic Show

7/28/09: "Monday evening the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) heard back from the Dr. Phil Show producers. They told them they were pulling the show titled, “Gender Confused Kids” and instead reairing their other program on transgender children. That show, which originally aired in January, includes GLAAD's trained spokesperson, Dr. Michele Angello, an expert on transgender children" (GLAAD).

While it is great that we have been succesful at getting him to pull this show and his earlier biphobic show, there is still a lot of work to be done. We cannot rest until we are assured no more anti-LGBT programming will air and that there will be fair and positive coverage of our community. Queers United remains committed to holding Dr. Phil accountable on issues of sexuality and gender identity.

7/26/09: Our campaign to get Dr. Phil to stop his anti gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender programming has been going on for several months. His shows continually promote topics such as "gender confusion", "rebellious bisexuals" and "discussion on ex-gay therapy".

Hundreds of people through this blog have joined in demanding Dr. Phil stop this anti-queer programming. Nonetheless this Wednesday July 29th another transphobic show is set to air titled "Gender-Confused Kids"
Dr. Phil tackles the sensitive topic of children who identify more with the opposite sex. What do you do if your son wants to wear dresses and play with dolls? Or if your daughter tells you she wants to be a boy? Should parents chock it up to be a phase that their children will grow out of, or should they intervene right away? Meet Melissa and Tim, whose 8-year-old son declared himself to be a girl when he was just 3 years old. Now, they allow their child to live as a girl and wonder if and when they should begin hormone therapy. Then, when Mary’s son was 8, he told her he felt like a girl, and Mary allowed him to experiment with dressing as a female. Now a teenager, her son is more comfortable living as a male -- but Mary wonders if she caused his confusion. Joining the discussion are experts with different points of view: Dr. Dan Siegel, professor and clinical psychiatrist at UCLA School of Medicine, and Glenn Stanton, author and research fellow with the organization Focus on the Family. Is gender identity something we’re born with, or is it influenced by parents and environment? Don’t miss this heated discussion. (Dr Phil).
Dr. Phil has some nerve to say this is a "sensitive topic", while continually referring to these children as "confused" and bringing anti-LGBT speakers such as Glen Stanton of the notorious hate group Focus on the Family. Another problem is that he mistakenly mixes up the terms "sex" and "gender."

Send your comments to Dr. Phil demanding he stop his anti-LGBT programming.

Sign our twitter petition demanding positive coverage now!

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Queers United said...

He isn't a doctor, and he isn't an expert on anything, Oprah made a big mistake with this quack.

planet trans said...

It is so sad that these people receive validation by harming innocent childern.

TRiG said...

I'm afraid the mainstream media is at least partly responsible for this phenomenon. Everything has to be contentious. Reporter's are stressed for time. They don't have the time, the education, the ability, or perhaps the interest to write properly balanced pieces. Instead they create an illusion of balance by bringing on "experts" from two sides, ignoring the fact that one has evidence to back up his positions, and the other doesn't. This duming down of scientific discourse in the media has many uncomfortable knock-on effects, and allows frauds and quacks to prospor in many fields.

It's most obvious, perhaps, in the fields of health and nutrition (where see Ben Goldacre's excellent little book Bad Science), but it also crops up in evolution/creationism debates and in this sort of bullshit.


planet trans said...

This is my email to DR Phil

Being Transgender, I can tell you that I have lived a wonderful and blessed life. I grew up blissfully ignorant of the hateful rhetoric of groups such as Focus on the Family and the Westboro Baptist Church.
But there are children who now suffer and die because of the lies you spread by allowing national television exposure to Glen Stanton.

You have once again sunk to new lows of bigotry. Do you understand or care about the damage you are doing to society?

If you are going to claim that you have the best wishes of children and impartiality, you must present this with guests that can accurately address transgender issues intelligently and in a unbiased manner.

Kelli Anne Busey
Transgender Advocate

Anonymous said...

And they act like they're giving a balanced view by featuring a professor and clinical psychiatrist versus a blantant homophobe and all around hater...nice balance there...

Anonymous said...

This is such ignorance. Let the children be children. Let them be who they are in their beautiful souls. I wish more people could learn the quality of respect and apply it to this world we live in.

Jennifer Storm said...

Dr. Phil has become the new Jerry Springer of daytime TV, it is sad actually. I re-posted this on my twitter account @BlackoutGirl

Jennifer Storm, author of Blackout Girl: Growing Up and Drying Out in America

Anonymous said...

in my logical opinion, Dr. Phil is right. You should live your life on what type of body parts you have, not by how you feel in the inside and for that lady to let her son wear girls clothing? What is she thinking. A young boy doesn't know the difference yet between genders as good as adults do.

I would know best, happened to me when my gay dads would dress me up. As soon as i turned 15 I realized just how wrong and how morally wrong being gay or having two gay fathers was. It was messing with my head and I didn't like it. Having feeling for the same sex is really letting your morals down. Like having that first best dog. You love it to death but would you marry it?? What would be the big deal since your 'inlove' with it as all you people call it? Just a lil confusing to me.

Queers United said...

I highly doubt you had gay dads, your post shows you are anti-gay, anti-trans. If you did have 2 dads they did a terrible job, considering you don't see a difference between consensual adult relationships and bestiality.

Queers United said...

If you were indeed made to dress up and know how weird it felt, you should sympathize with trans people who are forced to dress as their opposite identity every day.

Anonymous said...

I did and who are you to tell me other wise?
I now believe that if you want to be a true gay person and if you are a true gay person you wouldn't care if you had the right to be married or w/e...
If your with the one you love it shouldn't matter if your allowed to be married or not. Like seriously, I am straight and you don't see me flaunting around in the streets yelling i am proud to be straight. Who cares that your gay? No one wants to see or hear it so live your own lives keeping it to your selves and doing w/e you 'feel' in your own home. Oh and don't have children. Seriously, its the worst thing in the world for a kid to go to school and people knowing or finding out you have gay fathers. i really considered killing my self from being disguised with my own family.

Anonymous said...

Mr Phil McGraw needs to spend more time taking his own advice rather then telling others what they should be thinking and or doing.

As for the poster speaking about people who are gay. Buddy you have had the right, and do so all the time, to "flaunt" your straightness in the halls of schools, on the streets, in sports arenas basically anywhere you wish without concern for your own safety let alone without being concerned some jerk organisation is going to hound you for it.

Who cares if someone is gay? Well I could spend some time pointing you in many directions to show you. Start with the pope, born agains, focus on the family, plain ignorant people who get kicks out of beating and or murdering people because they are etc. Not so long ago it would end you in jail in North America and still today murdered in other countries.

Your comment screams out loudly that you clearly didn't have gay dads. If you did they wouldn't have been dressing you up. Being gay isn't the same as being transexual.

And had you indeed had gay dads they would have educated you on that fact. One does not create a person who is transexual, by forcing the person to "dress up"

And if a person should live with the body they were born with, then should we cease repairing cleft palates, holes in the heart or hypospadias to name but three of many?

To all else, if you want to make Phil listen, go after his sponsors. Make them listen and he will have little choice but to listen. Until his money stops flowing, he has no reason to bother making changes.

Hence PRIDE was born. A time/place to be who you are without that fear.

Anonymous said...

I honestly and truly do believe that the world would be better a happier and better place if we all were just straight. No doubt there one bit

Unknown said...

The world WOULD be happier and better if we were all straight, and if we were all one color, one shape, one size... but it'd be boring... and we wouldn't learn a damn thing. Every religion believes that our souls are here to learn lessons... If "God"/Creator/Universe creates a soul... it's new, fresh, doesn't know what it's supposed to be doing. That's what Earth (and other planets) are for... so that our souls can learn and grow closer the the Universal Knowledge many call God. So, yes, a lot of things would make this world happier and better or whatever... but it'd also render life as we know it useless.

Hbear said...

That is the most ridiculous, most outrageously STUPID thing I've ever heard anyone say.

If you are happy being straight, more power to you, you should go start a blog about it (and stop trolling gay blogs)(hmmm....)

Anonymous said...

"And if a person should live with the body they were born with, then should we cease repairing cleft palates, holes in the heart or hypospadias to name but three of many? "

So now your saying that being gay is medical disability?
A accident, mixed up part of your body or disability your born with, or maybe you just obtain it over time?

Everyone has a choice and all those choices are based of a set of morals. Sure everyone has there own opinions and there own standards but there comes a point in time where people all over need to realize that the morals of today aren't what they once where and it would be best to take a trip back into time to how things were.

Being gay is all about your FEELINGS nothing more..
its scientifically wrong, morally wrong, and not to be to over crude but when gay people have intercourse why do they use the parts on each other that mostly resemble the opposite sex?

Also, if you had any biblical knowledge you would know what is right from wrong. makes me sad that I live in a world that people would have such ignorance to why they even were put on this world or why the things are the way they are, such a waste of time

Hbear said...

lol... the bible? knowledge of it? really???

you forget, the bible is "right" if you adhere to that belief. i have a lot of knowledge of the bible, and could spout what it says is "right" and "wrong" all day...

and i'm pretty sure you'd be just as guilty, according to the bible, as anyone gay person.

Queers United said...

Morals are subjective, you may believe it is morally wrong, I do not. I do not believe in your selection of quotes from Leviticus and Deuteronomy. I believe Jesus was affirming of all and believe the 'Born Eunuch' discussed in the Bible is about homosexuals who Jesus goes on to say do attain the kingdom of Heaven.

You say that being gay is scientifically wrong? Homosexuality is in every animal species, proven to not be a mental disorder, cannot be "cured" and is accepted by the medical, scientific, and psychological fields.

You have no clue what you are talking about, is Carrie Prejean your role model or something?

Anonymous said...

Dido my friend.
But i suppose if you did have any knowledge of it you would not have said any of that, you would know that everyone is guilty, no one is perfect.
We all are equal in gods eyes, but going against him and his words is unpleasing.

Anonymous said...

So your saying it says in the bible that all gay people are going to own the kingdom of Heaven? haha

Queers United said...

read the Bible before you preach it friend

Anonymous said...

Hey, buddy who just posted the last two. Don't waste your time on these People. When they die and stand in front of God they'll then realize how wrong they are. They will be sorry, and God will condemn them for what they are doing. Hope, Pride, Love, their morals, and human will power has no match against God. The King James Version is the only real bible and I believe they don't read out of that one because it will offend everything they are. They are scared of the truth and just won't admit what is right.

The only thing we can do is warn them, show them the truth and its all up to them if they accept it or not. God will and always will have the last Word.

So be in peace.


planet trans said...

Update: We have pervailed!! [From Twitter] queerunity Dr. Phil agrees to pull transphobic show, good work guys! http://bit.ly/vBFUN

Congratulations! A day to celebrate our unity and the good power we weld!

NorCal Gary said...

You bible thumpers and your total lack of knowledge about your own bible amuses me.

In the time the scrolls that your bible was created from were written, there was good money to be made selling religious manuscripts because only certain people possessed the skills to write. As a result there were an enormous amount of forgery of so called "sacred" documents.

Your precious bible was commissioned by King James. He enlisted scores of scribes to write the bible under the threat of death.

These scribes "translated" the bible into English from the original Greek and Hebrew scrolls without ever knowing if they were genuine or fake.

The King had exclusive editorial privilege over the writing of your fairy tale. Anything he didn't like was rewritten to his specifications, "translated " differently, had the order of the translated words reorganized to change the meanings or just thrown out entirely.

Anyone that believes that hocus pokus is amazingly stupid and nothing more than a timid, frightened brainless moron.

Your book of fairy tales has no right to dictate how anyone but YOU lives your life.

To be a sinner would imply that you believe in the christian concept of sin which not everybody does. Therefore except for you brainwashed christians, sin is a non sequitur ideology.

Anonymous said...

I know, but its sad to know ppl like this just don't get it.

oh, i also read your lil site you posted... Thats really stretching the truth of that story, seriously.. Plus if god loves gays as much as you say, and the men from there were gay why would god send hail of fire to destroy that city and all the people in it? And tell lot to take his family away and not even to look back b.c they'll turn to salt??

hmmm think about it. If god likes gay people and those men where from there, why would he destroy a city he calls wicked so many times?

Anonymous said...

Say what you want, but the Bible of my God talks about the past, the present and the future and so far they have been right on.

You can think, you can say what you want but at the end of the day when it all comes down to it you can ask yourself, where will you end up after you do if I don't accept Christ as my Savior, you will live your entire life thinking what if, and fighting for a cause of pointlessness.

Anonymous said...

I don't live my life thinking what if why waste my time doing that. If god is so anti-gay (and for the love of god figure out the difference between gay and trans) then why did he/she/it/they make me this way? And what logical reason would he/she/it/they have for hating me? None.

@SnglMomSurvives said...

Dear Captain Anonymous. I am going to say this in the most polite way that I can. Please take the version of your Bible that you use as a foundation and platform for hate and fold it 20 ways into an origami swan and shove it up your... you get the idea.

I don't know if your tale of being raised by two dads is true. If it is, I feel sad for you as your hate has nothing to do with how you were raised or by whom. I was raised by my mother and her partner. I am now 37 years old and they have been together almost 30 years now.

I can tell you that the only painful part of my childhood was being told by people that my mommy would burn in hell simply for who she fell in love with, committed to spend her life with, make a home with and raise me with. It was people like the hateful adult you grew up to be that left the deepest scars on my heart as a child, certainly not my mothers "lifestyle". Being raised in the south in the 70's and 80's I heard these words a lot. On this subject I'm an expert.

Having said that I find it very hard to believe that you are who you say you are. One thing I do know is that there is a lot of pain in your words and honestly, I feel sad for you. Walking through life with that much hate is such a tragic burden to carry. So although I was raised by a wild pack of lesbians I take pity on your experience and how you've chosen to use it.

If you truly are the child of a same sex couple why not pause and think about how your hateful words affect others. Certainly someone at some point in your childhood said something about your dads that hurt you. Your inability to do grow up and then do the same is what boggles me and makes me question your authenticity.

Susan said...

Now if we could just get GLADD to put an end to the mindless "my story" transitions on TV.

Fat chance...

Anonymous said...


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