Sunday, July 12, 2009

'Get Engaged Tour' Discusses Steps for Marriage Equality in California

The Get Engaged Tour is meeting at town halls across California to share polling results, and information on how to win marriage equality back.

In these town halls, local representatives will present to the community the data collected from the largest marriage equality poll conducted in California by a large coalition of LGBT organizations and gauge feedback from attendees on next steps. These gatherings well help identify local volunteers and establish or expand regional coalitions that can be integrated into a future statewide campaign.

The tour ends in two weeks.

This next week, gatherings are scheduled in:

* Modesto
* San Diego
* San Joaquin
* Walnut Creek
* San Luis Obispo
* Pacifica
* San Francisco
* Los Angeles
* Inland Empire/Redlands
* Napa
* Morgan Hill
* Berkeley
* Seaside
* San Bernardino
* Fresno
* Sacramento

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Anonymous said...

marriage is between a man and a woman...get over it

Mewi said...

Right Winger alert! If Marriage is between only " a man and a woman" how come so many states/countries are starting to allow same sex marriage? Ohhh, because IT ISNT just a man and just a woman, it can be two women, two men.

Jeez I've said it so many times my fingers are getting tired of repeating it. XD

Mewi said...
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Anonymous said...

i am not a coward...your gay agenda is really getting tired...leave us alone and go your own way...don't insist that we support your views

Anonymous said...

the reason the states are starting to allow same sex unions is because they cannot afford anymore legal costs because you folks won't quit

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, unfortunately, no one is going to get over it. The fight for equal rights will go on non-stop until full equality is realized. This fight will never die. Long after you and I are gone, people will be fighting for equality. It does not matter how many oppose us, victory will happen one day. What doesn't kill us will make us stronger.

Anonymous said...

OMG...equal rights...what are you talking about? already have equal have the exact same rights i much more equal does it have to be?

Queers United said...

Hmmm if we have the same equal rights how come we cannot marry the person we love, adopt our children, serve openly in the military, and be able to walk the streets safely just like you?

Kevin said...

Thanks, Anonymous bigot, for honing our debating skills. Good to have you aboard.

Anonymous said...

how are we supposed to take you seriously when you call yourselves queers and have parades to "celebrate" your way of life? You don't see us having a hetero day in Napa! Yep, going anonymous! you don't need to know who i am, because I don't agree with you. There are some things in this world that just need to be protected, one of them is sanctity of marriage and family.

Anonymous said...

queers united...marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman...bottom line
anonymous...thanks for the backup if i do not support the gay lifestyle i am a bigot? about's pretty closeminded of you

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anonymous. I figure the Gay Pride parades should be the "Big Sell" to show the public they can contribute to stronger family values and sanctity for marriage. But given all the photos I've seen of people running around in their undies and vendors selling dildo ring tosses to kids - I get the impression that's not the goal. In time, they'll probably win and this will be the world we're forced to live in.

Queers United said...

Goto a pride parade and then you can talk about one. The media shows the "freak show elements" because its what people want to see. People won't be interested in watching or cliking a story with 2 moms or dad marching with their kids and a rainbow flag. The vast majority are average, every day, boring as you are (which im gonna guess is very boring considering you are anti-gay and troll gay blogs) folks.

Anonymous said...

Actually the last photos I saw where posted on Facebook entitled "2009 Utah Pride Festival". I assume this isn't an anti-gay group since one of my friends (who happens to be gay) pointed it out. I know that not ALL gays are like this, but Of all places to try to make a sell- UTAH. Aren't you trying to persuade people?

Queers United said...

The pride parade is not a political rally, everyone is welcome to express themselves. We don't need to sell a case for equality. If you are a true friend to your gay friend you support their equality end of conversation.

Anonymous said...

You need to sell a case to change laws though. I'm a true friend by being truthful.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't troll gay blogs, the title of this article is what is what caught my attention. Shame on me for thinking that it was actually talking about straight marriage for a change. Kevin, I forgot to address you yesterday, we are NOT bigots, because we don't agree with you. For some reason, conservatives or people who are against gay marriage are bigots. I guess in a since, you are as well, because you can't see past the end of your nose to see our side of the issue. Welcome to the club my friend. If we don't agree with you on every political point we become Christian Bible thumping hypocritical radicals. Fortunately,we are aloud to have a point a view on every subject whether or not you like the point. Why don't you try another word, use your thesaurus. We are getting tired of the same words. As you've noticed, we've not once called anyone a name.

BTW a hetero MARRIED couples are not boring, what an assuming person you are Queers United. We are average working people who are raising children, struggling to pay bills, water the dog, and cut the lawn and squeeze in Disneyland every year.

So, get your head out of your butt, get a life and leave our Marriage alone.

beckyanime said...

marriage is a equal right dumbass.
and you are a fucking bignot. because whenever someone belive the certain group(s) of people shouldn't have certain rights or any rights at all is a sense of prejudice judgement the worst kind of such. but you see were all accuse of prejudice judgements maybe not this kind but maybe of kinds. nevertheless "Anonymous said" i understand your opinion but i don't agree with it.
Also to other bloggers the truth is at one point all of us were judgemental to people who aren't like us. Also Everybody regardless of who and what we are we all had judgement that lead on a prejudice side whenther it was looks, sex, race whatever mpst of us had judgements on these things.
the point is Anoymous you have your opinions and others have of theirs.
and if the others ideas clear out yours then maybe you need to get your head out out of your butt and realize the effect and revolution of human rights.
the reality is 'Anonymous said..." is that if someone is wrong prove them right if you want to but please do it with logic. ( that means no religous views, or any kind of stupid reason)
but here is the problem when the issue is about improving human rights it really hard to oppose that sorry.
i know you have a opinion but long before interracial marriage, marriage has always been and will always be a legal partnership between 2 people. it just now it not base on gender which in my opinion is good thing. who enough prejudice as it is. and if people want to express that then by 1st amendment they have the right to.

Anonymous said...

mewi...states are starting to allow same sex marriage because all you radical virulent obnoxious homosexuals won't won't listen to any dissenting opinion...if we don't agree with you we must be are the true bigots...please listen to fact and truth

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