Thursday, July 23, 2009

Missouri Senator Uses Gay Marriage as a Scare Tactic

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill said in a statement defending her position against a senate bill to allow gun-owners to carry their weapons to states with similar laws on firearms:

"This is a foot in the door that would require, for example, the laws in Vermont on gay marriage to be enforced in Missouri."

This is an unacceptable comparison designed to be used as a scare tactic with her largely conservative constituents.

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Kirk said...

As a gay st. louisan, i'm honestly surprised she would make that comparison, given she's supported the matthew shephard act as well as MONA (missouri non-discrimination act) to protect hiring/firing and housing for lgbt community. I hope she'll retract what she's said.

Queer john said...

She has clarified her statement:

I think she was just pointing out that some are changing their position re: "states rights" when they advocate ed for the gun amendment. I don't know what her position is on gay marriage, though. Be interesting to get that clarified!

ACH said...

A while back, I recall seeing something about contacting members of congress about supporting a trans-inclusive ENDA, and, misinterpreting "congress", I decided to contact one of my senators (McCaskill), and the response I got indicated that she intended to vote for the bill if it came before the Senate.

I found a recent article in the Advocate (but my computer doesn't seem to want to do copy-paste right now) saying that she opposed the 2004 amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage, but the reason was that Missouri already had a law on the books doing that, so I guess she was trying to oppose the amendment without actually saying what she thinks about gay marriage?

SNT said...
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SNT said...

what type of weed is she smoking, and where is she getting from, so I know not to get any from there..

This crap is really getting old. Like str8 marriage doesn't have it problems...

Mewi said...

This is amusing because right after same sex marriage became legal, the homophobes started using EVERYTHING as a punch line for their hate of it becoming reality. From Gun Rights Issues, All the way to Nuclear power, it was really quite astounding how they could associate everything they didn't like with same sex marriage.

madison said...

It has become common practice for a clause to be put in a divorce decree about who can stay over at the home of a divorced individual. The clause says something to the effect that "neither party will have a party to whom they are not married in their house overnight.". Well isn't that a nice tidy and "legal" way of making sure that that the bisexual or gay individual remain alone or have to maintain two households for the rest of his/her life. I will never be "allowed" to marry like a free citizen, but he could. What a cruel joke!! You have got to be kidding me!! Government supported discrimination against anyone has got to stop! People don't realize how deep the marriage ban cuts into peoples' basic rights to happiness. The law should be fairly represent and protect the rights of all its citizens. This is wrong wrong!

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