Monday, July 6, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Political Lesbianism"

"Political lesbianism" holds the idea that sexual orientation is a choice, and advocates for women to choose lesbianism as a positive feminist ideal.


CrackerLilo said...

I ran across this when I first came out. Apparently for these ladies, it's not enough to, you know, like girls that way. I got told that I was completely doing it wrong. So are 99 percent of bi and lesbian women.

Buddhist, RN said...

I don't even like saying "I don't have a choice" because I'm not slave to my desires, I have control of my choices. I choose to date who makes me fulfilled and happy and all that, but I certainly can choose not to and marry someone who doesn't attract me at all.

Lauren said...

I'm surprised this post hasn't attracted more attention. I'm, frankly, a little outraged that someone would "choose" lesbianism. Actually, I don't know how it's possible. Yes, you have control over your choices, but not your desires. Lesbianism is the desire, not the choice.

In fact, lesbianism and feminism don't really have anything to do with each other. I identify as a lesbian because I'm exclusively emotionally and physically attracted to women; I identify as a feminist because it's apparent that women are often viewed as the "second sex" and it downright pisses me off.

This idea of "political lesbianism" holds that it's somehow impossible to to be a straight feminist, which is a disgusting statement in and of itself.

I'm open to hearing a defense of this practice, but I can't imagine that one would hold sensible logic.

Anonymous said...

I'm a gay guy and i totally agree with laurens comment. At least the second sex part. I'm a gay guy and because i'm feminime voiced i have to really keep it down in public. You know why that it is is because us gay guys are looked as girls. Here's what i think of that women are people to. What gives society the right to say women are second sex. It's obviously there are too many men in power.

Lauren said...


You're very right--homophobia is a form of misogyny. Homophobia exists only because it threatens the patriarchy. The fact that two women can live happily together sans a man and the fact that gay men have a feminine stereotype is threatening to a male-dominated society.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think political lesbianism is awesome. I also believe that if people firmly approve of same sex relationships, it is a good thing for them to consequently participate in them in order to show that they endorse them.

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