Thursday, October 22, 2009

WA Rep: "Gays Will Take Control & Push Depraved Lifestyle"

Washington state senator Val Stevens is competing to become the new Sally Kern of her state with her recent comments urging her supporters to vote against referendum 71 which would ensure the state keep domestic partnerships benefits intact.

In an email to her constituents:

Stevens made her final plea to constituents to vote no on Referendum 71, stating that gays and lesbians would "take control of our culture and push their depraved lifestyle on our children and families."

"Do you realize what is going on here?" she wrote. "Consider the following: In 1970 (on the heels of a "free love" '60s radical culture), sodomy laws were repealed in Washington State, with government turning a blind eye to a behavior commonly considered perversion -- and still the case with a majority of Americans"
Senator Val Stevens is putting out messages of fear and lies against LGBT citizens of Washington in an effort to oppose basic human rights.

Contact her at:
105 Newhouse Building
P.O. Box 40439
Olympia WA 98504-0439

Phone: (360) 786-7676



Unknown said...

The ignorance NEVER takes time off huh?

Rene Monroe said...

These messages that are being sent out by these self proclaimed bigots is rather frightening. Mainly because the "modern voter" or as I like to call them, the herd, buy into it and vote based off of these remarks.

Prop 8 in CA was passed through bigotry that was hidden under the veil of religious dogma. Now the same may happen in Washington State as well as Maine. Very scary indeed.

Anonymous said...

The longer I live the more I see that it is not my "lifestyle" that is depraved. It is our family, of all the families that my kids have friends within, that is the most calm, loving, nurturing, stress free, healthy.
IGNORANCE is right-- this woman has no clue.

Anonymous said...


Because engaging in misogyny is the right way to fight homophobia? If you don't see the problem in your sexist comment while expecting people to respect your rights then you've probably got a long, uphill battle ahead of you.

Mewi said...

I agree with gudbuytjane, that was over the top Anonymous, perhaps you should consider the consequences of your words. Calling them a "bigot" is one thing ( although probably not the best means of opening dialogue ), calling them a "vicious cunt" is just hypocritical.

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