Sunday, October 4, 2009

Web Spotlight: Keep Them and Love Them

Keep Them and Love Them is a campaign created by Affirmations (gay and lesbian Mormon group) to encourage families to embrace and accept their LGBT children. The website provides resources for gays, family members, friends, and church leaders.

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Shawn Landis, Philadelphia Asexual Examiner said...

I am familiar with Affirmations and know more about the religion than I care to, (being born in covenant as the Mormons refer to it) but while Affirmation's goals may be noble, I think the Latter-day Saints are not a good environment for LGBT people.

Asexuals are another matter. We're fairly new and the church has said nothing about us, although aromantics may have a problem because marriage is required to get into the highest levels of Heaven.

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