Monday, January 18, 2010

Campaign for "A" Visibility

The asexual movement is dependent on spreading accurate information about what it means to be asexual. In the face of so much misinformation people often think that asexuality doesn't exist, is a psychological problem, or think asexuality only refers to self reproduction in the animal kingdom.

Reasons why visibility is important:

1. It is academically important to understand that there exists a spectrum when it comes to sexuality and some have little to no sexual desire.

2. People who are or know of someone who is asexual should understand that is is natural and that there are others like them experiencing these feelings.

3. Asexuality is a healthy orientation, society forcing sexuality on people who are asexual may have devastating psychological consequences.

If you are asexual or an ally please make a conscious effort to create awareness by writing an op-ed, posting in a forum to discuss asexuality, handing out a pamphlet, or by coming out to someone.

Please share any ways in which you are participating by making asexual awareness a reality.


Saskplanner said...

All respect intended but this is utter hogwash.

Queers United said...

care to elaborate on how this is hogwash?

Anonymous said...

Denying that Asexuality exists, implying that Asexuals aren't really Asexual - they just "haven't been with the right person" - or that the "problem" is psychological, is very similar to arguments against homosexuality. Yet Asexuals are often outcasts in even the LGBT community due to a lack of information.

1. Asexuals can be of any sex or gender identity.
2. Asexuals can be gay, lesbian, bi, straight, ect - the same as anyone else. Some Asexuals refer to their preference with the suffix '-romantic' (i.e. homoromantic).
3. What Asexuals do and do not enjoy may be different from person to person.

For more info:

BrokenSilence said...

god, it's gotta be hard to be asexual in society. coming out as gay or bi or even trans - people are starting to understand those things but asexuality just seems so foreign. i'm glad people are trying to spread awareness. i need to learn more about it myself.

Unknown said...

I am glad this blog highlights asexuality as well As someone with low sex drive I find listening to asexuals because it's the other end of the spectrum (a life podcast is especially good)

Sparky said...

I am openly A on every website I am on, and mention it when appropriate to the conversation. I cannot even count the number of people who private messaged me over the years to tell me how relieved they are to hear that they are not alone and that there is a name, an actual sexuality to describe what they are. As that's how I felt when I first heard about asexuality and AVEN I am glad to know I can do this for others. :) There really are a LOT of people out there who are A, whether or not they decide to call themselves that or Queer. I am happy to have marched in the SF parade and hope to march here in the Sacramento parade someday with other A's.

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