Friday, January 29, 2010

CBS Rejects Two Gay Ads for Superbowl

CBS Sports is neglecting to air two ads that have been submitted to it one for a gay dating site, the other of an effeminate black man who is likely perceived to be gay which is advertising domain registration. The company has rejected an ad from the United Church of Christ five years ago which featured a gay couple, citing that they do not allow advocacy ads. The company however has given the green light this year to an anti-abortion ad by ultra-conservative group Focus on the Family.

If the company has changed its policy to allow advocacy and controversial subjects why than are these 'gay' ads being rejected?

Ad by gay dating site ManCrunch:

Ad featuring effeminate man from Go Daddy:

Demand to know why a religious right organization can have airtime but a progressive Church, gay dating company, and a harmless ad about an effeminate man are rejected.

Chris Ender
Senior Vice President, Communications, CBS Television
(818) 655-1100

LeslieAnne Wade
Senior Vice President, Communications, CBS Sports


deeter131 said...

YOUR blatant bigotry and anti-gay policy has now been made evident. You denied gay ads before under the guise of "we do not air political ads." suddenly you changed your mind when a religious group wanted to run an ABORTION AD!!!

so once again the gay community submits not one but TWO ads, and both were suddenly rejected again. You can't explain this away as coincidence.
by NOON tomorrow there will be a national boycott on EVERY single company that is allowed to have ads, as long as you continue to be anti-gay and bigoted. You CLEARLY have underestimated the disposable income of gays who watch the superbowl....

this was a poor decision clearly based on predjudice and MALICE. expect to hear from several attorney shortly.

and just so you know..TEBOW is gay.
and I have proof. you want to play?...GAME ON!

now..I am off to sign all the boycott petitions, and to run ads about your malice and homophobia in EVERY national newspaper in the country....have a great day!!!

the negative attention that your other advertisers will receive will hardly be worth the inflated prices you charged them to particpate in this bigotry.

also, If you would like, I could provide you with a list of all the other gay sports heroes you have playing.....
or would you rather wait to see the list in the newspaper ads I am running.

Anonymous said...

Hum the ads are petty bad to start with >_>

Anonymous said...

To be honest the first commercial was pretty uninspired and low budget and the second was at most mediocre. I wouldn't place these ads during superbowl either. Gay or not.

Dean Walton said...

Suggesting that folks boycott the super Bowl might be a bit much to expect, however what we can fairly easily get out there, via Facebook is "Hit Mute for a Change"- asking fair minded viewers to mute ALL Super Bowl commercials, thereby reducing their effectiveness and screwing with thier advertising dollars big time.
Add this to your Facebook, My Space or other social networking group status:
"CBS refuses to allow commercials referencing gay people on the Super Bowl. Help us fight back- "Hit Mute for a Change". Have someone hit the mute button during ALL Super Bowl commercials. Get them right in the advertising pocket book without sacrificing the Super Bowl!"

Bruno Michell said...

How naive can anyone be to think that Mancrunch has any plans to pay $2.6 million to air that lame commercial during the superbowl. They WANT to have it rejected to they can get it aired free by the media and chumps like you.

Queers United said...

Stage hitting mute would do nothing it would require changing the channel so that they don't get ratings.

CrackerLilo said...

Very hypocritical, to say the least. Thank you for letting us know. So glad I hate football, but I usually do at least check in on the Super Bowl. Not this year, and I'm letting See BS know why.

Bad quality ads can be and have been run on CBS in the past.

libhom said...

Anonymous: All ads suck equally. That isn't the point.

Anonymous said...

I'm outraged! Whether the commercials are crappy or not, CBS needs to come up with a better reason than oh, it's too gay to not air them. What makes me even angrier is that Focus on the Family is getting airtime-who just in case anyone is unaware are very much against the lgbt community

Anonymous said...

the ads suck I agree with the earlier post more then likely the ad makers for the first ones really just want the publicity as for the second one has allways made bad ads and more then likely they have more the one and CBS just told them to thier limit but as a Trans person I find the comerical offensive. Seriously is this souly how the gay community wants to look like a constant joke. BTW muting a commerical doesnt cuase them to loose ad money the ads still airs and still profits try changing the channle or not watching at all if you want to boycott.

Anonymous said...

Granted, the Superbowl audience is primarily male... but... how many gay men watch the event? really? LOL

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