Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fox News Contributor Margaret Hoover Joins the Fight for Marriage Equality

Fox News contributor and lifelong Republican Margaret Hoover has joined a growing list of fellow conservatives who publicly support same-sex marriage. In a blog posting on her site called "Joining the Fight for Marriage Equality" she explains her reason for joining the American Foundation for Equal Rights advisory board.

On a separate Fox News website posting called "Why I’m Joining the Fight for Marriage Equality" she praises conservative icon Ted Olson for taking conservatives in a new direction and urges the party to reconsider their current ideology.

"Republicans were historically the party ever-expanding freedom to disenfranchised minorities, from newly liberated slaves to giving women the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony was a Republican. By supporting the AFER trial we have an opportunity to establish our historic credibility on civil rights issues once again. But we should support marriage equality because it is the right thing to do" (Fox News)
This is another big figure in conservative politics joining the LGBT civil rights movement and she should be applauded and encouraged.

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Anonymous said...

I know the following suggestion could also loose us some political clout, but I am trying to spread around a plan, to make our voice heard. My plan is as follows: As a donor to the Democratic Party, I get a lot of requests for donations, well I started returning the solitations without any donation, and I write on the returned slip, "Don't Tell, Don't Ask".

Queers United said...

I'd write don't ask, don't give lol

Hank Drake said...

Anyone taking odds as to whether Fox News will fire her?

Queers United said...

I don't think they will fire her but I bet you O'Reilly will take her to task for this.

Anonymous said...

The Rethugs are only now realizing that gay people vote. Somehow, I doubt that altruism is the motivation for this about face. Stick with the Dems.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt it's about votes. Historically, the Repubs have supported individual freedoms and equal rights. They really just need to realize that gay marriage is no different. As a conservative, I voted against gay marriage in my state. I have since realized I was wrong. The sentiment is growing.

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