Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Years, Five Gay Ads Rejected by CBS

Over the past five years the network CBS has refused to air commercials that feature gay advocacy or a gay theme during the Superbowl. The ads either promote a positive message, or are harmless corporate marketing ploys. They have also receiving failing grades with respect to LGBT coverage and have been show to pander to anti-gay right-wing organizations.

The United Church of Christ "Bouncer" commercial:

The United Church of Christ "Ejector" commercial:

Think Before You Speak "That's So Gay" Commercial:

ManCrunch "Two Dudes Kissing" Commercial:

Go Daddy's Lola commercial:

CBS Facts:
-Five pro-gay commercials were rejected between December 2004-2010.

-Anti-choice ad featured by anti-gay fundamentalist Focus on the Family.

-CBS pandered to right-wing American Family Association over gay affection on show 'As The World Turns'

-CBS Network receives failing grade from GLAAD for lack of LGBT coverage.

Demand to know why CBS has rejected gay advertisements, depictions of LGBT lives, and pandered to anti-gay religious right organizations.

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THERishouldbeAPY said...

The ads for United Church of Christ were lovely; why would CBS reject something that preached acceptance of gays, multiracial families, and people with disabilities?? Doesn't make sense...

Diane J Standiford said...

Great post. Sad truth.

Anonymous said...

Also Write, Call, and Email their advertizers and express your disapointment in CBS

Anonymous said...

5 ads in 5 years hardly seems like a trend. DId you know they rejected dozens of ads in total for being to racey sexually speaking. Does that mean that are trying to ban straight sex?

Anonymous said...

well, it's a ad for religion, when u have to use a commercial to encourage people join your church, I think you got bigger problems.
I don't mind hearing a ad like this on a sunday moning or 2am at night, for some one who doesn't believe anything since they are not insane, it's just offensive to see things like this ad.

Jack said...

I am not here to defend CBS. Far from it.

However, it's possible that the people behind the ManCrunch ad are using the queer community rather than supporting us.

Check out and tell me what you think.

gromit said...

I have to disagree with this article. I'm a proud gay man, and believe these commercials weren't rejected because of content, they were rejected because they're bad.

I'd have hated to have seen any of these commercials on TV, specially during the SuperBowl.

Anonymous said...

Sandro, the UCC ads won numerous national and international awards.

Anonymous, the UCC ad isn't intended to convince people who don't want to go to church to go. That isn't the UCC's style. They are reaching out to people who WANT to go to a Christian church but have been turned away for whatever reason. These ads are intended to show them that there is a Christian church available to them. But hey, if making assumptions about the UCC, which you clearly know nothing about, and being bitter is what turns your crank then I and the UCC would be the first to say, more power to ya.


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