Wednesday, April 2, 2008

David Letterman and Blatant Transphobia!

Well there seems to be a domino effect with regards to Late Night Talk Show hosts being insulting towards the Queer community. Next up on his anti-queer soapbox? David Letterman.

"An Oregon man who used to be a woman, claims to be five months pregnant through artificial insemination, wow he is a mother and a father"

Then Letterman has his top 10 possible joke answering machine messages that this man could receive, with the last one referring to him as "androgynous freak show".

Contact David Letterman and tell him to apologize for his blatant transphobia and lack of understanding the diversity that exists within gender.


Unknown said...

Well, there's one more reason not to watch David Letterman.

Anonymous said...


Queers United said...

thanks NG I got scared, but it is indeed @ aol

i double checked, it says they will forward your mail to the appropriate dept.

Anonymous said...

David Letterman should look in the mirror before calling anyone a freak. That man needs a make over.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if you can't handle the fact that having someone transitioning to male getting pregnant is somewhat disturbing to the general population.

I for one find it hypocritical and wish those with two natures would embrace that difference instead of trying to force their minds/bodies/spirits into one mold or the other with drugs, surgeries and mutilations.

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