Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jay Leno is Sorry (NOT!)

According to Citizen Crain:

"Jay Leno is trying his best to have it both ways in the flap over whether he was gay-baiting actor Ryan Phillippe during a "Tonight Show" interview.

Hard to see how he was misunderstood and issued an apology and within days, Leno was unfiltered and unapologizing.
He is now whining about "political correctness" and the rigors of being a comic today. After all, he claims to have gay guests all the time and he never makes fun of their relationships."

Time to contact Jay Leno (again):


NG said...

Having now heard the audio clip you posted, I still think the Jimmy Kimmel thing with Ben Affleck is far more offensive that Leno's fumble, but then again, this is why I often ride alone online.

Queers United said...

hey NG, i am not sure about the Kimmel thing you are referencing? do you have a link, was this recent?

NG said...

Since the start of his show, Jimmy Kimmell has been ending his show by apologizing to Matt Damon for bumping him. Damon took revenge by cutting a music video with Kimmel's girlfriend, Sarah Silverman,called "I'm fucking Matt Damon."

So Kimmell, taking "revenge" against Sarah and Matt Damon, cut a video himself, with Ben Affleck called "I'm fucking Matt Damon."

Both videos are available thru YouTube.

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