Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bolthouse Farms Has a Change of Heart

LGBT activists have been protesting against fruit drink producer Bolthouse Farms over the founders 100k contribution to proposition 8.

LGBT activist Lane Hudson has been advising Bolthouse Farms for the last month. From his email to Joe My God it lists improvements that Bolthouse has made internally:

"Bolthouse Farms sponsored the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force LA Awards Brunch as a Gold Sponsor and the CEO personally contributed $5K to their No on 8 work. Bolthouse Farms was also a corporate table sponsor of the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner.

"In addition, they have clarified their non-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation. They also clarified their benefits policy to include dependent children of same sex relationships. They also edited their website, corporate philosophy and corporate mission to reflect what a consumer products company should be. It's a great deal of progress since the new CEO took the reigns a mere 12 weeks ago and since I began advising him a month ago."
These are very positive changes! Thank you all for your continued activism in urging them to be a socially responsible corporation. Californians Against Hate who have been the leaders in this boycott and calling for change have declared an end to the boycott and protests.


Laurie said...

Even though they have changed their 'ways'
I still don't care for Bolthouse...I'm a
NAKED! all the way...


Anonymous said...

$100K against gays from the Bolthouse founders vs. $5K for gays from the Bolthouse corporation. Well, I guess everything is OK now?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous at 7:26 PM: Whoopdadeedoo. Don't break your arms patting yourself on the back. One step in a long journey before I ever buy the delicious Vanilla Chai Tea with Soy again. Until then, you're still in the same category as Oberweis.

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