Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion Sunday

You know the drill. Promote any queer or queer related websites, blogs, videos, etc that you would like to share. Don't be shy, now is the perfect time to get some traffic your way, and you can do so shamelessly!


Anonymous said...

Found this interesting one:

Not Important said...

I know you've already seen this, but I'll promote my little observation.

T. R Xands said...

Hey QU, I was just...browsing around I guess, and I don't know how interesting this would be to you or if you've talked about it already but I saw this dishonor roll from the Californians Against Hate site. It basically lists who supports Prop 8, how much they've donated to it, all that.

I'm kinda...not all here right now so again sorry if you've already linked to it...don't laugh at my sleep-deprivation :/

Anonymous said...

I've been looking into homeschooling my son and keep coming across frothing-at-the-mouth Christian fundamentalists who homeschool to protect their children from "sodomites" and "faggots". They promote lies and hatred and one even advocated blowing up a gay friendly high school in New York, calling it "poetic justice". I was so disturbed by this that I've written responses to a couple of them. This may not be exactly what you have in mind for this promotion, but I think it's important to expose this kind of hatred and extremism for what it is. Here is my humble contribution:

Why Homeschool? Faggots and Liberals!

Mom Hates Telling The Truth

Queers United said...

preset - i saw that article and find it ridiculous that its the case, thanks for sharing.

gdad & t.r. - i personally have seen those posts but they are both great and im sure many readers haven't seen them.

lottie - that is a very interesting article, not to mention extremely disturbing. thanks for combating their religious bigotry.

Shauna said... -Lesbian and gay organization yours truly blog - yours truly website, Intersex site - helping transgenders to work and stay employed, Our new President Wonderful place for news and arguements

Queers United said...

great links Shauna, and thank you, you are very kind!

Anonymous said...

Well I have a website I've been trying to promote more. Its called The Omaha Gay Village, where memebers of the glbt community can post and share videos, events, and their thoughts about things that effect Omaha GLBT Community. Who knows, maybe someday there will be a real gay district in Omaha where we discuss these issues! :)

planet trans said...

What can I say. Jesus lived life to give for the good of all. God bless Father Farrow

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