Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Word of the Gay: "And-Bisexual"

An "and-bisexual" is someone who feels they need both a male and a female. They frequently engage in sexual activities with both genders. Many "and-bisexuals" choose to live a polyamorous lifestyle to meet their desires. This is exactly opposite from the or-bisexual who is attracted to both genders but chooses to be monogamous with one at a time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Queers United,

As you might know, there are many straight men out there who envy some Gay men for their ability to "connect" with beautiful/fashionable women. As a result some men actually try to be "gay-like" in their style and personallity but they aren't technically metro-sexual. Is there a word which for this type of "gay" envy and a word for being a pseudo-metro-sexual?

Anonymous said...

Thanks QU. I guess I was reminiscing back to high school days in the mid 80's. I just remember alot of guys getting perms, wearing pink and in some cases makeup even though they considered themselves straight.

shrink on the couch said...

Its my sense (and experience talking to others) that many straight people fear this sexual category "And-bisexuality" the most. Feel the most distrust. It ties in closely with fear of infidelity and deception and being exposed to risks.

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