Monday, October 13, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Bi-gender"

"Bi-gender" people express their masculine and feminine sides of their personality. Someone who is "bi-gendered" will express facets of both genders and/or changes their role depending on a situation and context.


Sofia said...

Where did you get the image from? I want to steal it to use as an icon on my LJ.

Queers United said...

Seth be my guest, I just google for images mostly.

Julie Joyce said...

Bi-gender ~ That's me! I'm femme and I'm butch and I'm androgynous. All the words to describe my gender(s) don't even exist yet, lol.

I like your blog :-)

Queers United said...

thanks jules =)

Anonymous said...

Bi-gender is actually the natural condition of being a bit of both sexes, I am bi-gendered as I have a condition called Klinefelter's Syndrom, I have XXY chromosomes instead of either XX (female) or XY (male), it is the third scientifically recognized sex, the forth is Hermaphrodite which basically doesn't exist, the odds of a full Herm is like I think it was 1 in 4.7 billion or something and the chances of an actual Herm surviving is slim to noon due to several reasons.

Some one can't just label them selves as bi-gender as it's a natural condition which has really only come to light in the past decade or so.

A good movie based on the condition would be 1 in 2000 which I believe came out in either 2003 or 2005, can't recall for sure.

BTW I'm also trans to a mostly female side considering in my case my brain developed as female and that is for the most part how I consider my self, so mise well look the part right? :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Natalie. I realize you "have this condition".

Sex and gender are different.
Sex = male/female and inbetween biology.
Gender = roles of society and how you express your gender and identify.

So you are intersex, not bigender. I don't know how you were diagnosed and know so very little.

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