Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Gay Kiss Contest to Raise Funds for Marriage Equality

Interactive Male is offering an opportunity to possibly win money and help in the fight for marriage equality! Take a video of two or more guys kissing and enter the competition by Oct 31st for a chance to win $10,000. Those who submit photos, can win a webcam for best picture, and also support the cause.

Interactive Male will donate $5 for every video and $1 for every photo to Marriage Equality USA.

What are you waiting for?, enter the contest! Have a hot smooch, make money, and contribute to equality!


Anonymous said...

Only guys? Come on! What about your lesbian sisters?

Queers United said...

Sorry, I didn't make the contest. It is a dating service for gay men only I believe.

Segspod said...

Lesbians don't need it. They mate for life.

Anonymous said...

Tell my seven ex's that =P (or their's)

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody:

It's Joe from the Big Gay Kiss Contest. We are more than happy to accept videos and photos from our lesbian sisters. Anything to raise money for Marriage Equality USA - $1.00 per kissing photo and $5.00 per video! Interactive Male is for guys so the prizes can only be awared to guys, but share those lesbian kisses and videos and we'll post them on the in the women's kissing section.

Lock those Lips for Liberty.

All the best,


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