Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knights Out Calling for Day of Action to White House Over DADT

Lieutenant Dan Choi is being fired because of his orientation. Lt. Choi acknowledges that he is one of tens of thousands, but we recognize him as a symbol of everything that’s wrong with this policy. A West Point grad, infantry officer, Arabic linguist, and Iraq vet – whose soldiers know he is gay, and support him – is being dismissed.

Knights Out is calling for a day of action on behalf of Lt. Choi and all those who are affected by the anti-gay Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

On Tuesday, May 12, call the White House at 202-456-1111.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that this president has turned out to be a coward and phony when it comes to equality for all. He is a big disappointment. His silence on our issues is disgraceful coming from a man who actively pursued our donations and votes.

Wanda J said...

When people kept saying "Support the brother, vote for Obama" I kept thinking that it would be awful if he got into office on our backs and then turned out to be like the others...

My worst nightmare come true.

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