Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Word of the Gay: "No Hetero"

"No Hetero" is a relatively new term used to counter the offensive and anti-gay term no homo.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wonderful.
So now we can sound just as ignorant as they do.
Real intelligent.

T. R Xands said...

I personally like it, No Homo is really too ignorant for anything to top it (well, almost).

T. R Xands said...

A) I was joking. I'm pretty sure "no hetero" is also a joke.
B) I didn't say it was "better" or even imply such
C) You just negated yourself with "silly queens" and now sound about as fucking dumb as "no homo"
D) No one is asking you to say the damn term. Or anything.

Cerberus said...

It's a perspective shifter removing the societal idea of oppressor class as default and unremarkable. The very act that allows no homo because who would want to be a homo and who wouldn't want to be a hetero. This shifts the frame and makes no homo users think that some would indeed if they could choose, would choose to be gay and can't imagine themselves as straight.

Or in short, reclamation and experimentation, shifting the target of an offensive attack to show how stupid and dehumanizing it is because people in the "default" class never seem to get it unless it's flipped on them.

Anonymous said...

"No Hetero" to me is just as offensive as when people say "that's so gay" or "No Homo". It spreads fear of homosexuality and also interprets things in a negative way. Personally, I hate it. Does anybody feel this way?

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