Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rhode Island Marriage Equality Hearing Today!

There will be a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the bill H-5744 ending marriage discrimination this afternoon at the rise of the House.

Please contact committee members and let them know why marriage equality is important to you. They need to hear from proponents of the measure prior to their hearing. Catholic opposition in the state has been loud and clear against the marriage equality bill within the state.

Click here to send an email to all of the House Judiciary Committee's members at once.


CrackerLilo said...

Oh, my. L'Ailee and I were so damned impatient, and now the tide's turning so fast it's almost making our heads spin! Not at all a bad thing, though. Thank you for keeping us posted!

Merlyn said...

I have to admit that things are moving faster than I thought possible but it is definitely a good thing. Hopefully, we will soon reach criticality and a chain reaction of marriage equality will sweep America.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping for the best!

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