Thursday, May 21, 2009

South Carolina Anti Violence Bill Amended to Exclude Gay Teens

Evangelical anti-gay lawmakers in South Carolina have amended a bill originally intended to stop teen dating violence, so that the legislation excludes gay teens.

The bigots’ reasoning: Any effort to discourage domestic violence in gay teen relationships would implicitly acknowledge the existence and dignity of gay teens and would lessen the pressure upon teen-agers to pretend to be heterosexual or 'ex-gay'.

Exodus International has two activist organizations and two member churches in the state — none of which have protested the exclusion of gay teens from antiviolence legislation, and none of which support antibullying programs in the state’s schools.

If you live in South Carolina, please let these activists know, politely, that those who tolerate or affirm violence against gay youth in your state betray fairness, justice, morality, and Christian values.

Contact New Song, the so-called Truth Ministry, Christian Assembly of God, and Westminister Presbyterian Church.

Crossposted via Truth Wins Out.


proudprogressiveTG said...

absolutely outrageous ! betray christian values i will need to calm down before i can contact them - its beyond hateful. Its criminal.

Queers United said...

It's just simply disturbing, I don't understand how one can call themselves a "christian" and not protect people from violence regardless of their identity.

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