Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Petition for Just Treatment of Trans People in NYPD Custody

Transgender New Yorkers report experiencing verbal harassment, disproportionate arrests for ‘quality of life’ offenses, invasive and unlawful searches for the purpose of determining gender, and housing placement in NYPD custody that could expose them to harassment and violence while in NYPD custody. Activists are urging people to sign this petition insisting the NYPD adopt a fair policy towards transgender people in custody.

The Proposed Policy for the Treatment of Transgender People in NYPD Custody includes:

*NYPD officers will refer to an arrestee with the name and pronouns the arrestee has used to identify him or herself and not require proof of an individual’s gender or challenge an individual’s gender identity.

*NYPD officers will refrain from using slurs or making lewd, derogatory, or harassing remarks based on gender (including gender identity and expression), sex, or sexual orientation.

*NYPD officers will not ask personal questions about gender (including gender identity and expression), sexual orientation or practices, or medical history unless necessary for an investigation.

*NYPD officers will not construe gender identity or expression as evidence that an individual has engaged in prostitution or any other crime.

*Under no circumstances shall NYPD officers frisk or search any person for the purpose of determining that person’s gender or to view or touch the person’s genitals.

*Placement decisions about a transgender arrestee will be based on a determination of where the individual will be safest


Unknown said...

(I tried to sign the petition, but the web page failed.)
Every human being deserves a just treatment, in any circonstances. We must all stand against any act of degradation, humiliation or lack of respect. Trans people are often the first victims of such acts. I hope that codes of conduct like the one proposed in the petition are adopted soon by all authorities.

Queers United said...

That's not good, maybe their server is down, try later?

CrackerLilo said...

This shouldn't even be necessary. Of course I'm signing it when the page comes back up! And consider this linked.

CrackerLilo said...

Page is up.

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