Saturday, May 30, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Homosocial"

"Homosocial" describes same-sex relationships that are not of a sexual nature. The more modern term for this sort of relationship is bromance.


helen_boyd said...

actually, "homosocial" is used to describe any relationships between/among people of the same sex. could be boss + employee. brothers. nuns.

Anonymous said...

I really dig the term "bromance" ... for real ... *lol*

Mewi said...

Heya Queers United, did you see my last comment regarding a recent rally for Same Sex Marriage Bill HB 73 in New Hampshire o.O?

Also, I think helen_boyd is right XD

Anonymous said...

This word is thankfully less scary! WHEW!
What is the term if it is two girls?

Queers United said...

Helen I did specify that is a non-sexual relationship, but can also take on borderline sexual in most cases which is bromance.

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