Friday, May 15, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Maddow, Perez, and General Queer Bashing

Andrew Wilkow guest hosted Mark Levin's right-wing radio show on Sirius XM (one of the highest-rated right-wing talk radio shows in America)

The full remarks aimed at Maddow: "You, the idiot taxpayer, are paying the salary of that nice little boy, Rachel Maddow . . . Keith Olbermann’s nephew, Rachel Maddow"

He also went on later in the program to insult celebrity-gossiper Perez Hilton.

"Perez Hilton, who I am now terming a vile sodomite . . . yeah, Perez, you’re a vile sodomite – doesn’t that word have a ring to it – sodomite — and vile – vile sodomite – it just sounds so good to hear in my headphones – vile sodomite . . . . I’m not sure whose idea it was to have an overweight homosexual . . . What do gays constitute? They could announce the cure for AIDS on Logo and nobody would know for two weeks . . . And again, Perez Hilton, you’re a vile sodomite . . . and then this vile sodomite"

Scroll down to the bottom of Andrew Wilkow's Sirius page, to his "what do you think?" section. I am sure you all have a few words.

H/T to Queerty.


Anonymous said...

He should probably ask himself why he has such a strong reaction to gays. He probably rarely interacts with any gays. Gays are not affecting his life in any way. Seems like classic psychology 101. He feels like a "vile sodomite," so he's projecting it outward.

Queers United said...

He is entitled to his opinion, by publicizing his words, we are not bashing him. We are holding him accountable to his hateful language and letting his potential "consumers" know about it, as well as activists at large.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer? Her salary is paid by MSNBC, and indirectly by advertisers. As is, presumably, whatever fee he got to sub for that show.

Hmmm....Who advertises with them?

Anonymous said...

it is his opinion but people need to realize that the LGBT community ALSO pays taxes. why do people forget this? we too make huge contributions. that's another tangent and i won't get into it but my point is that he needs to keep it in mind- it's not like straight people are financially supporting gay people.
and stop with the hateful words. sure it's his opinion but grow up. speaking like that just puts your deepest insecurities and truly mean spirit right in the limelight.

Anonymous said...

for some reason "vile sodomite" sounds like some new energy drink. like one of those energy shot style drinks.

it'd come in a vile shaped package and have the slogan, "vile sodomite, all the energy you need for hours of fun."

i dunno... i'm a dork... and the way he was apparently going about how awesome "vile sodomite" sounded... just sounded like a product promotion or something to me...

Allan said...

I guess just plain old "sodomite" has been losing its power thanks to the American Baptist minister, Rev. Fred ("I Hate Fags") Phelps, who has been over-using it for several decades. "Sodomite" is still extremely popular in Uganda and Jamaica. "Vile sodomite" is so Phelpsian.

Hey, Anonymous, go shit in a hat. That's my opinion of what you should do. In other words, you're wasting our time under the name Anonymous.

You don't get to make suggestions based on others trusting your recitation of your activist "qualifications" to speak. Since you can be anyone on the Internet you are no one, and self-stated "qualifications" to be taken seriously do not exist for any of us.

Also, no matter who you are, you are suggesting that we just turn away from these fountains of lies and anti-gay hate propaganda and ignore inciters like this. I disagree with your opinion quite strongly. Denial and avoidance does not make for a good plan.

They need to be confronted every single time. His opinions are his opinions, true, and I'm glad he is expressing them.

Since his opinions involve making the serious curtailment of my rights become law, debasing my existence, lobbying for laws against my equality, and on and on, then I must take every opportunity to share my opposite opinions every time the lies about us are told. Every time.

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." I think that's a quote, very close anyway. Early American.

Everyone can speak or shut up, including everyone who desires to share their opinions with the supremacist who has the means to share his with an enormous audience.

Your included gratuitous shot at Rachel Maddow is not only inaccurate, IMO, it is furthering the gay-bashing efforts of the radio pig whose opinions you are urging everyone to ignore. You are agreeing with his characterization of Rachel Maddow as a stereotypical "butch" lesbian. I don't think she even qualifies as "butch" (not that there's anything wrong with that, to rip off Seinfeld).

He used words that would insult any adult woman when he called her a "nice little boy" and "Olbermann's nephew" and you think he's only telling the truth? You don't feel as though he's demeaning a professional? You see no need to step up and defend her from this asshole and these public insults? Maybe it's because I have sisters.

Before you say we're playing into the controversy just like they want and giving them a bigger audience, it's already been said that this radio show is at the top.

Anonymous said...

To the first comment How long are we going to sit back and let every one call us names Why the hell don't we fight back Why do we just say well he has the right to say anything he wants you say leave it alone well you not much of a LGBT activists are you get off your asses and fight back lets not take this any more if he was talking about black people do you think they would take that shit NO THEY WOULD NOT SO LET US NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE it's time to get our shit together and stand up for our self's

Rebecca said...

To the first comment: Free speech does not mean freedom from criticism. He is a hateful homophobe and we should call him out on it.

"Everyone should support LGBT rights" is our opinion, yes. His opinion, on the other hand, is that we are third-class citizens. He'd probably be happy if a couple of queers got murdered in the street every day. We don't have to take that.

Anonymous said...

Opinions are like ass holes everyone's got one and they ALL STINK!!! Let him spew his crap as much as he wants and make him accountable for the shit he says by making him face the FACTS and the TRUTH to his lies. Its time the GLBT stop crying like little pansies. Thats soooo 1980's. The NAACP is standing behind the GLBT and we should be able to start fighting back; UNLESS you like being shoved back in the closet?

If you wanna take action than I strongly suggest you check out BASH BACK

CrackerLilo said...

Anonymous, not only am I skeptical of your activist credentials, but I would damn near bet the farm that the last time you even saw a rainbow-striped anything, it was after a thunderstorm.

If all you can say against someone is that they don't conform to your preferred notions of gender, that says far more about you than them. I for one find Maddow quite intriguing. As a fairly femme bisexual woman married to a butch-ish woman, I can tell you all the many wonderful ways that butch womanhood is different from being a "little boy." The real little boy guest-hosted on Sirius. (By the way, I'm so glad I dropped my subscription a couple months back!)

The worst part is, he wasn't insulting individuals, he was insulting entire groups of people for no reason except that he's...vile. (I like that word, too!) He won't care, of course. He'll think our complaints are like sweet soul music. But it's worth trying to get someone to listen anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love how everyone is getting offended by my statement. I'm not saying he's right -- I strongly disagree with his opinions. But as I previously stated, regardless of how disheartening and cruel his opinions are, he's entitled to them. Let's face it, not everyone is going to like or even accept the LGBT community. So why waste your time giving a fuck about what some asshole thinks? Seems pointless to me.

P.S. For all of you who are doubting my activism and being LGBT, I don't care. I have nothing to prove to any of you. Just because I don't get worked up about some jerkoff's bigoted comments, doesn't mean I'm wrong. I just have more important things in my life to care about.

libhom said...

Wow, I'm directly beneath the concern troll.

Anyway, this talk show hater really does sound like a closet case.

Anonymous said...

I'm a troll because I think there are better things to worry about than some idiot? LOL.

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