Monday, October 5, 2009

Bill O'Reilly: "Teaching About Cross Dressing is Social Engineering"

A harmless video being shown to elementary school children in California to teach respect for cross-dressers is outraging the right-wing media. O'Reilly and his republican strategist guest Margaret Hoover are saying its "inappropriate" to teach about cross dressing and that this is a "small segment of the population that's not worth discussing".

He claims that this video is tantamount to "social engineering" and that "they have a lot of power" ratcheting up fears that the gay and transgender community are trying to infiltrate schools with a queer agenda.

Tell Bill O'Reilly to stop his "culture war" against LGBT Americans:


Amy K. said...

I would love to see the original film, without these stuffed shirts complaining over it!

CrackerLilo said...

"Not worth discussing," but they're sitting there discussing it, presumably because, what, they want to make people stop watching? "Not worth discussing," but also "have a lot of power"?!?! I feel like my brain will become as broken as O'Reilly's and Hoover's if I try to think their half-logic out further.

I am now having to remind myself that if I punch my monitor, I won't hurt them, only myself.

Anonymous said...

Great article. We need to share and celebrate our differences so that we can discover our similarities. But we also need to draw a distinction between cross dressers, drag queens, transvestites and Transsexuals. No offense, but I don’t like people thinking that I’m a gay man in a dress or wig, because I’m so much more than that and I consider myself to be a heterosexual female who can’t wait to have GRS. I’m not saying I’m better than others, just saying I’m different.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am the furthest thing from a fan of Billo. However, he even stated in this segment that he was in favor for school officials to combat bullies who go after gay students! I think you need to be careful about what you post!

Queers United said...

Amy - I am with you, if you find a link without the neo-con crap please share.

Cracker - Great point! If it's so not worth discussing why are they wasting their "precious" viewers time. They are full of shit, and have an agenda it's just not a pretty one.

Anonymous 12:57 - People don't understand crossdressers at all, there needs to be more awareness. There are distinctions, and sexuality is separate from gender identity. They say 90% of crossdressers are heterosexuals.

Anonymous 1:15 - While this might be the most pro-gay piece by O'Reilly, (which is itself frightening) it is still laden with transphobia.

Paul D. said...

Love the social engineering comment...isn't that part of school's function when you get right down to it?

Diane J Standiford said...

I am surprised they are showing that. Cool.

Queers United said...

Paul - Humans are social, and it's ok to make sure we are socially appropriate, school is also about teaching manners so I think you are right.

Diane - I was surprised too, but a positive surprised.

Mewi said...

While I agree that these things need to be taught in school. I personally disagree with the video they are displaying the elementary children. I think they could of used far more tact on it, other than making it some odd stereotypical, and somewhat overly sex appealed theme? I think we should think before we promote such videos blindly. They could of released a far less controversial video and still have gotten the message across to children.


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