Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daily Caller Refers to Rachel Maddow as Man

The Daily Caller news website founded by Tucker Carlson is getting attention not for their content but their insulting and childish material. Carlson already has a bad reputation in the queer community after bragging about beating up a gay man, and calling gay families controversial. Now the website is taking their aim at MSNBC's lesbian political talk show host Rachel Maddow.

On the site there is a picture of Maddow and below it says:

"Whoops, how did that one get in there? Sorry, man. I mean dude. I mean Rachel! Sorry, Rachel."
Really Daily Caller? Are we in third grade? This childish and offensive language is showing the authors phobia towards alternative sexuality and gender expression.

Complaints can be sent to TheDC via email at and Twitter.


Anonymous said...

In addition to issues of gender expression and sexual orientation, strong females are often seen as less womanly. It's all about patriarchal power, which arguably, almost always leads to violence.

Thanks for calling Tucker Carlson out on this one. I'll be sure to do the same.

Queers United said...

It is a shame that a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman threatens his standing. It says more about the author than it does about Dr. Maddow.

CrackerLilo said...

You beat me to it, QU--Tucker Carlson seems to have his own issues, and lots of them. I can quite easily tell the difference between Rachel Maddow and a man. I confess that I have a hard time telling the difference between Carlson and a middle school boy who's afraid he doesn't quite measure up in the locker room, however.

(And no, that's not going in the e-mail!)

Unknown said...

I watch Rachel quite often. And I really like her. But...she DOES use those words, and I think that's how Tucker was just sort of mocking her - he didn't say she's actually a man, from what I read above. I believe she also used those words with a female bartender who was on her show during the holidays. She even talked about a basketball in the oven or something like that at that time.

Claude Lillie

debrabmaddox said...

The bow tie is out at msnbc-
rachel maddow was his replacement

Anonymous said...

Rachel is a splendid individual and a dinamic correspondent. Like many of us we may have a 10 face and a lesser body. Most of us focus the entire person and accept the faults. Just as most of us elected a black president. The American public is making dramatic progress in so many social areas. Too bad the MEDIA and Military can't keep up. Canadian Biker

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