Friday, August 1, 2008

French Government Unveils EDVIGE database

The government of France is planning on using a new database called EDVIGE which brings into serious question of whether this violates the civil liberties and privacy of citizens within the nation. The program is to be used by the French intelligence as well as police, however a great deal of personal information is being recorded by the database including but not limited to sexual orientation, HIV status, political identification, physical characteristics, ethnicity, moral/religious affiliation, employment, and location.

A large mobilization effort has begun calling for a withdrawal of the file. Thousands of people have signed online as well as in person petitions and 170 organizations, trade unions, and political parties have signed on demanding a stop to this program.

Below is an online petition from the Associative & Trade Union Network asking the French government to stop EDVIGE. The petition is in French, for our readers who are proficient go ahead and click.
EDVIGE petition (En Francais)

Otherwise you can fill out the petition via babelfish's website translater page below.
English Translated - EDVIGE Petition

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