Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trans Bashing on Fox News Over America's Next Top Model

UPDATE: I received an email from Greg Jarret anchor at Fox News, saying he apologized for his transphobic remarks on air 4 days ago. Thanks for taking action to hold the media accountable. Below is a clip of the apology.

Tyra Banks made history this week by announcing that her show America's Next Top Model will feature Isis a transgender model among the contestants.

Fox News (the gay & trans bashing network) can't seem to go a week without making provocative comments about the LGBT community. Below watch as Greg Jarrett anchor of Fox News discusses the upcoming show with Ian Drew of Us Weekly. The conversation is transphobic, and inappropriate. Jarrett continually makes references to Isis as a she/he, him/her and focuses the conversation on the irrelevant genitals of the contestant. He also goes on to say he was "fooled" by her. This conversation is completely trans-misogynist. See for yourself.

GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has issued an action alert asking the community to please contact Fox News Channel and call on them to apologize for these obnoxious, insulting and dehumanizing comments.

Fox News Channel

Gregg Jarrett - Anchor
(212) 301-3000

Jay Wallace - Executive Producer
(212) 301-5168

Tom Lowell - Senior Producer
(212) 301-3000 (outlet)


D. said...

One thing I learned from my psychology class is that most transgendered people are offended when people call them "it" or when they change their pronouns between he and she, him and her. Just address them the way they wished to be addressed, in this case, she/her! It's not difficult!

I really hope Greg Jarrett and FOX apologizes not only to her, but to all transgendered people for such ignorance.

Dharma Kelleher said...

Not that I care one whit about Next Top Model, but it is good that they are open enough to embrace such a beautiful woman as Isis.

As for the delusional hacks on FOX, forget them. Don't even give them air time! For that matter, don't even give them air!

Back when I was transitioning (when Mastodons and Neanderthals ruled the earth), the big tadoo was Caroline Cossey (aka Tula), who was a professional model until she was outed as trans. Then she posed nude for Playboy. That was the only issue of that mag I ever purchased and it gave me hope that one can be trans and beautiful.

Joie Mayfield said...

I posted this on my blog, too. I was outraged when I watched this clip. How dare they even begin to understand where she is coming from? Instead, they make very inappropriate comments. I once watched Bill O'Reilly ask a straight man if he were gay would be offended by an anti-gay ad. Of course the straight man said no. How would he know what it was like to be offended by someone mocking who he is?

planet trans said...

I love your standing up and protecting us. I wonder if these asses understand that we are aware that they are attempting to bolster their low self esteem by degrading someone they perceive as vulnerable. Why are they so afraid of womankind?

T. R Xands said...

Man, Fox is really sad...stunts like this are why I stopped listening to these jackasses long ago.

CrackerLilo said...

Oh, my mom watches Faux News, and it totally whips her up. I hate it. I told another blogger tonight that whenever she begins a sentence with "I saw on Fox News...", I always "have to" take care of the cats or get a boiling pot off the stove or go to the loo.

She told me about this, and got mad that I referred to the model as "she" and pointed out what a hard process it is. I'm SO glad Tyra Banks and the producers of her show aren't as retrograde as these assholes!

Also, agreeing with Kelly here, I'm glad you look out for the *whole* community.

Queers United said...

David - I am glad they addressed the issue in a positive way in your classes. In my psych classes they discussed trans issues as a mental disorder, I argued but the professors basically just said they didn't make the DSM criteria.

Dharma - I never heard of Tula, but that sounds really interesting and progressive for playboy. What was the public reaction like? Was this woman pre-op or post-op? I will definitely have to google that later.

Joie - Thanks for spreading the word. Bill O is a fool, I am glad he received the brick of LGBT inequality on his show.

Kelli - Of course! We are brothers & sisters united in our front for equality! I know you all would do the same =)

T.R. - I hear you, I hate faux news but for some reason I find watching their lame coverage addictive, I guess its like reality TV nonsense and you can't stop watching it.

Cracker - Tyra is great, sure she does a lot of this stuff for publicity but she is bringing LGBT people to the mainstream and for that I am thankful tenfold.

Anonymous said...

this just makes me so sad. i am thinking about all the progress that we made with trans issues, and thinking how jarrett just took all of that 10 steps back. i hated how he was making fun of her. and the us magazine "writer" was no champion for the issue either.

i will admit it, i watch top model religiously (great crack for the brain). my homo life partner/boyfriend/whatver we call ourselves and i are totally cheering for isis!

Sarah said...

Geez, what a douche. I've never watched America's Next Top Model but now I will just to support Isis. Besides, she's gorgeous. :)

Queers United said...

Same parker I don't watch but I will be rooting her her.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch tv, but read recaps on fourfour. I'll be doing so with extra interest this year.

I linked your post on the LJ community shangy_feminism. Thank you for posting this.

Queers United said...

pope thanks for reposting it. you aren't missing much by not watching stuff like fox news.

Laurie said...

If she hasn't taken care of that one part
of her then well, she is a 'male'. She has the
right to go by her female name and to be
called a female but, to people that aren't
knowledgable about it she is a she/he.

Still it isn't right to bring it to anybodys
attention no matter what. Nor is it right to
put them down.


Queers United said...

Laurie - I agree it is nobodys rights to judge, I don't question what is or isn't in Greg Jarret's pants nor could I care less. He wants to be called he and be referred to as Greg, fine by me.

Anonymous said...

Fox news always talk down to black people, etc. Barack Obama, Nas....list goes on.

Anonymous said...

In more pressing news, the homophobic Straight Pride reggae march (to defend TCOOO Productions "murder music" of gays and lesbians) is still on for Aug. 31 in Brooklyn. Hope the counter protestors are ready. -MJ

planet trans said...

God it is great to read your writings. Its becuse of you that FOX offered an apology. The young woman and men who know that you care. Thank You!

Queers United said...

Delicious - fox seems to be bad to anyone who is not a white hetero evangelical male.

anonymous - MJ I will look into whether there are counter-protests scheduled and will certainly post if I find that info.

Kelli - Thanks, it is definitely our collective effort as queer activists and allies, its so important we stand up and change can happen!

Anonymous said...

Q.U. : I still haven't been able to find out anything. All the groups that were up in arms (along with the British Peter Tatchell) about the reggae "murder music" seem to be hiding from the Straight Pride parade in Brooklyn. Sadly, I think it's because 1) Too many gays are too poltically correct to admit the rampant homophobia in black communinties, and 2) They're just too afraid of that crowd to go protest. -MJ

Queers United said...

MJ I am confused I thought this was scheduled for Aug 31st. However, this website says it already occurred and less than 500 came out. http://www.nowpublic.com/culture/straight-pride-parade-fizzles

Anonymous said...

Q.U. : I don't understand that article either. It almost seems...fictional ? I never heard of that early August march. From everything I know, it's still scheduled to correspond with the Carribean labor day celebrations on the 31st. I'll keep checking. -MJ

Queers United said...

I'll keep searching to and get in touch with some NY activists I know and see what I come up with. Please keep me posted if you learn anything different. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Queers United said...

Hi Dean, may I suggest a message board for chatting? Try emptyclosets.com and click forum, also if you want someone to chat with you can call the gay hotline http://www.glnh.org/index2.html

Andy said...

Cool man!! tyra is beautiful as ever!! Tis one's mi alltime fave show for which i can miss anything.fairies and talents has just captivate me alot. Try tis : Doanload America's next top model. truly admirable!!!

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