Sunday, August 31, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Gay Lisp"

"Gay Lisp" is a term that refers to the stereotypical effeminate and high pitched voice that comes from some gay males.


Unknown said...

@ Anon--

"Mentally ill"? Brother, attend to the log in your own eye. The only batshit here is the stuff you're spewing. One can only imagine the kind of self-loathing that generates your frothing, incoherent hate.

Anonymous said...


You could almost have a type of horrified respect for someone so willing to look like a raving madman... but of course they only post as 'anon'.

And really, this 'normal person' had to come looking for this site.

Unknown said...

I love how the response to my comment was "AFRAID? I'M NOT AFRAID!"

Funny, because I didn't mention phobia, although it did kinda go without saying.

Anonymous said...

What are YOU doing on this site, anon?

Laurie said...

Man, seems like ANONYMOUS found themselves
on this site! I think I heard their 'gay lisp'

I find it really amazing how if they don't
like gays that they will go out of their way
to find a gay blog. Damn, I didn't know you
could get internet connection that far into
the closet.

Ya know, it's funny to watch a gay guy do the
gay lisp on purpose. One of the students used
to do that and it made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

At this point people like you just make me laugh... such stupidity! Maybe you did just end up here... but man for someone who hates us so much you sure are spending a lot of time and energy on our site! Just keep coming back and checking on it and writing another long paragraph saying nothing new... so amusing! Oh ya and don't forget to use 'fuck' every other word like a high school student; it makes you seem real smart! But really just keep trying to put us down; you won't get ANYWHERE! We are above prejudice freaks like you! Enjoy your time on the site!

Anonymous said...

That there are people still like this in the world make me sad for my children, that this kind of venom could possibly be passed on to a new generation.

But then, my parents hold the same views. It didn't change the fact that I'm bisexual, it just made me frightened, and so I hid. Not well, I was taunted with 'lez' throughout middle and high school.

shrink on the couch said...

I choose to refer to this as irresistable : )

shrink on the couch said...

uh oh, after viewing the vile spewing of phobes, I will clarify "this" refers to gay lisp.

Connor Nicole said...

Wow seven posts in less than a day! I think somebody loves our little blog! Especially since everything you say is simply ignored by all the true humans: the people that aren't filled with so much hate. Do what you wish with your life but there is nothing you can do or say to change what we do with ours.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at your definition of a "real" bisexual; you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

You know, you have all the right in the world to be disgusted, pissed off, or angry at us. But you do not have the right to enact physical violence or deny us human rights. You are either contemptuous of or ignorant to the concept of our legal system.

Again, you can hate all you want, but as time goes on, if you try a gay bashing, chances are the gay will bash back. And if it's me, I'll use the catalog of ideas you previously listed.

Hate all you want, but social progress never is reversed, and gays have been around as long as people have. They will continue to as long people will. There's nothing you can do.

It's too bad that to distract you from economic, personal, or life problems, the people raising you instilled such useless hate. Why not care about something that matters?

Connor Nicole said...

Well I feel bad for whoever carried your DNA to 2008. You must have been a bitch to raise. And sadly it is disgusting people like who will probably end up having ten children and overpopulate the planet with frightened and hateful humans. That kind of DNA is good for no one. I feel for the future generations that have to deal with your despicable DNA. You shouldn't be allowed to breed.

Wonder Man said...

who is this person who has to hide under anonymous. Please, come real, be real

Anonymous said...

So Anonymous ... if you despise everything "unnatural" then you must despise a lot that's going on in this world. I mean, look around! Most of what you see probably wasn't anything nature planned.

I also have something to ask you. What if a family member of yours came out as gay? Would you simply stop caring about that person? Because if the answer is yes, then I'd rather want the human race to die out than start being like you.

Love is always beautiful, no matter what. Why can't people like you just understand that?

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely prefer to die out as a race then be or force others to be in your presence. Or in your "tightly knit group of blood relatives" from hell... no, actually hell would be a welcome home compared to your disgusting family with absolutely no morals or love. You say that you care about your family and "raise them the right way," but in reality you are nothing more than a heartless dictator trying to manipulate everyone in the world to fit your warped view of how the world should be. But you are wrong. And nothing you could ever ramble about in response to this will ever change the truth. We are here. We are not leaving. And we are better human beings than you; because we know how to love. Something your parents apparently failed to teach you. Truly a tragedy.
Now get the fuck off of OUR site you prejudice bastard.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would try so that I could kill you... it would be amusing and a help to the planet!

Anonymous said...

In a world that is threatened by overpopulation, where we have children dying from abuse, neglect, and poverty, or being raised by unfit or unwilling parents, being a breeder is not all that it's cracked up to be. At least there are loving gay and lesbian couples willing to take the unwanted children and raise them in a loving home.

Anonymous said...

not the some guy i swear :3

just wanted to say " hey everybuddy XD"

hugs and kiss's -Alyasis

to lazy to make an account -_- .......sorry i'm hyper :3

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