Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Gay Panic"

"Gay Panic" is when a crime is committed against an individual and the perpetrator claims temporary insanity out of a so called homosexual panic frenzy. Often the defense team claims the perpetrator was subject to unwanted romantic and/or sexual advances by the victim.


Anonymous said...

i love your Word of the Gay sections. they're really informative, especially for people like myself who rarely encounters such lingo. hahhaha thanks a million!


Queers United said...

aw thank you josh, glad ya like it =)

Laurie said...

To commit a crime against an individual
and claim 'GAY PANIC' isn't right. Than when
ever a hate crime is committed than people
will claim that.


Not Important said...

Could you explain the "Twinkie Defense" in a future one? It's loosely tied to this.

Queers United said...

Hey GDad I never heard of that one, I looked it up on Wikipedia. Gotta love Wiki.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That sounds too crazy to be real... but I believe it is real... and that is sad!

Queers United said...

bridge - sadly its been used in a number of court cases succesfully.

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