Thursday, August 21, 2008

Equality Maine Endorses Tom Allen for Senate

"The state’s largest GLBT Advocacy group, Equality Maine, has endorsed Tom Allen (D-Portland) for Senate. Allen, a current U.S. Representative, is challenging Sen. Susan Collins (R-Bangor.)

Equality Maine’s executive director, Betsy Smith, said in a release:

“Throughout his long career, Congressman Allen has supported fairness and equality while opposing discrimination. His voting record on LGBT issues is exceptional. He has worked to eliminate discrimination in jobs, housing, public accommodations and financial matters, and we look forward to working with him to win fully-inclusive federal employment non-discrimination legislation.”

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Laurie said...

Will I see him on the ballot this Nov?
If so then I will give my vote to him.


Queers United said...

Yep he will be on the ballot =)

Queers United said...

Just got this email from the campaign in response to my question on whether he supports marriage equality.

"Tom Allen supports equal rights for all people regardless of sexual orientation. As Mayor of Portland, Tom led the state of Maine in nondiscrimination practices by banning bias based on sexual orientation for housing, credit and employment. Tom is in favor of civil unions, but believes that same-sex marriage is an issue for the churches rather than the government. Tom has always fought for Mainers' civil rights and was recently endorsed by Equality Maine, an advocacy group for the LGBT community. Please don't hesitate to call our office 774-9696 or email us again for more information."

Anonymous said...

Thank you Queers United for asking this question. "Same-sex marriage is an issue for the churches rather than the government"?!? I can only assume this is because he sees marriage itself as a fundamentally religious, rather than civil, institution. Logically, then, he must believe that heterosexual atheists and agnostics should not be allowed to marry, but should get all the equal rights of civil unions. And that city hall should stop giving marriage licenses. I understand the conservative position on marriage equality, but what is it with the liberals? Is it pandering for conservative votes or really that they're just prejudiced and unashamed to admit that "separate but equal" is truly their position?

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