Monday, August 25, 2008

Word of the Gay: "FABGLITTER"

"FABGLITTER" was coined by the now defunct magazine Anything That Moves. It stands for "Fetish, Allies, Bisexuals, Gay, Lesbians, Intersex, Transgender, Transsexual Engendering Revolution." The acronym has never made its way into common usage.


Laurie said...

How would you use it in a sentence?


Queers United said...

Laurie I guess it would be used the same way the acronym LGBT would be used. FABGLITTER though is crazy in my opinion, haha, I would never use it.

Anonymous said...

We'll be in the SD Pride parade next month proudly bearing FABGLITTER t-shirts! So, Laurie, I guess one way to use it would be, "Check out those hotties in the FABGLITTER t-shirts."

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