Wednesday, August 13, 2008

QU Site Feedback

First off I want to thank all my loyal readers and dedicated queer activists who are truly helping to build a safe community here on the net and beyond. Each one of you has brought so much insight and joy and truly help enrich this blog as well as many of the blogs you all write.

In an effort to make Queers United better I would love to get some feedback, positive, negative, neutral, any and all constructive criticism is welcome. What do you like? What do you hate? What would you like to see more or less of?

I like to think of this blog as first and foremost a community, one whereby we all learn and grow from one another but also fight for each others rights.

Moving forward, would you all be interested if I added a message board feature so we can all engage in further conversation on a plethora of topics? What about having specific nights of the week with specified queer topics in a chatroom setting?

When I initially created the blog a few months ago, I just thought I would post action alerts so we can be a more powerful voice but as I and this blog have grown I also find it an opportunity to express myself and learn from you all. I am grateful to everyone who contributes and would love to hear your ideas big or small for moving forward and bringing about more community and a true advancement and liberation for all queer-identified individuals. Thanks!


planet trans said...

You keep me connected and honest. Whew, that ain't no easy thang. I identify more wholly as gender queer now. You have made a deep positive impact on my life. I feel more united in our community. Thank you. I know that's not much in the criticism department, do you know how out of character that is for me?
Love your unique brand of activism.....

Queers United said...

Kelli compliments are always really great to hear as well! Let me just say, right back at ya! You keep me informed about trans issues and are a source of inspiration for me. I love your work and I think you are a great hearted person and am really happy to have you here.

P.S. did that person ever get back to you after you left them a message?

Joie Mayfield said...

I just found this blog, but I feel like I have an ally. You have a great way of presenting truth in a way that is comforting and non-confrontational.

I think a message board would be a good idea. :)

Anonymous said...

I second a call for a message board! Sounds great!

T. R Xands said...

I'm gonna third the message board idea because I don't have any real suggestions right now, to articulately write out anyway. I prefer messageboards to chatrooms, personally.

But I will just say how much I've enjoyed this blog and I'm really glad I found it :D it's the first queer community I've ever been in--on the net or in real life--and it's made me more aware of queer-related issues and it's made me not feel so alone in this whole gay thing anymore.

Uh. That's it *sniff, tissues*

Queers United said...

joie - thanks that made me smile.

Kid A - you got it!

T.R. - I think a message board would be fun as well, I am gonna look into a good application. You are not alone, we are all together, I am glad you feel this community has enriched your life =)

MoonRaven said...

I'll say again that I'm impressed with how open this blog is to the whole spectrum of queer identity. I really enjoy many parts of it--the news, the activist alerts, the spotlights on various blogs, the educational segments. I particularly like the 'Word of the Gay'--I have used some of these on my blog and plan to use more. I have no complaints about QU--I think it's terrific.

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