Sunday, August 10, 2008

Volunteer to Defeat Florida's Amendment #2

"Fairness for All Families and the campaign need you to volunteer at the polls on Primary Day - August 26th - and help defeat Amendment #2, the so-called "marriage protection" amendment.

Primary Day offers one of the best opportunities we'll have to educate voters. With widespread participation by you, your friends and family, we will take full advantage of this chance to talk to voters face-to-face about the harmful consequences of Amendment #2, the deceptively named "marriage protection" amendment.

Of course this amendment doesn't protect anyone's marriage. However, it does take away protections and benefits like healthcare from all unmarried couples - gay and straight.

Register today for a morning (7:00-10:00 am), afternoon (11:00 am-2:00 pm), evening (4:00-7:00 pm) shift, or all three! We'll provide you with training and the materials to have a successful Primary Day experience."

Click Here for Events and Phonebanks Throughout the State


Laurie said...

WOW! That's wrong. If you're paying for that
health care than you should be able to put
who ever you're will to pay for on it and it
be protected. It shouldn't be up to the state
to decide who gets what.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until November 4 to vote YES on Amendment 2. This website is nothing but hogwash.

Anonymous said...

My life partner and I have shared our lives together for 21 yrs and we've been waiting for the day we could legally say I do in our home state of Florida. Why does anyone feel that that would hurt them in ANY way?!%&!?

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