Saturday, August 9, 2008

Open Forum: Are You a Queer Superhero?

Queer activism can take on many forms. Whether it be marching in a PRIDE rally, to calling your legislators to take action on specific legislation. Making a difference for the community, can and does manifest itself in many different ways. For some it means protesting and being out loud and proud. For others it's more subtle in the form of coming out to someone with more conservative views on sexual/gender identity. While some people can be be allies and make a difference simply by speaking out against misinformation and hateful rhetoric. Every little bit of activism makes a difference, the bucket to equality can only be filled if we all work together, each drop we make no matter how insignificant we think it is, helps as far as the broader goal of reaching freedom and acceptance.

What are some of the things YOU do to help promote Queer equality? Nothing is insignificant so please share, even if its as simple as just coming to this site and shooting an email or signing a petition, or just being a friend to someone in need who is coming out.


Anonymous said...

I write emails to homophobic persons and organizations.

I speak out when it's within earshot.

Mostly I live my life openly and honestly.

CrackerLilo said...

I know that between my wife teaching middle school gymnastics, my tutoring, and my younger cousins, we have helped a *lot* of children see what same-sex love really is and given them a counterbalance to hateful messages they get from certain songs, the pulpit, etc. I do other things, too--never enough, but some--but that's what I'm proudest of.

Anonymous said...

Just a small thing my wife & I wore our Mrs & Mrs (just married) shirts to Universal City Walk the day after our marriage.

Anonymous said...

1. I read this site and send emails to the companies.

2. I sometimes wear things about sexual/gender identity.

Mirrorboy said...

One of the main causes of the problems queer people face, i believe, is that there are a lot of negative stereotypes out there.

I'm writing a story about a fictional war that i hope to get published soon and i made one of my characters gay. There's nothing that special about him, he's just another guy who happens to be in love with one of his male friends... I guess the main good thing about him is that he's a very strong-minded person and he's just as capable of looking after himself as everyone else is.

Maybe we just need to show those wrongly-informed people that there's nothing really that different about us. That's what i'm trying to do in my own small way.

Queers United said...

Dan - Thanks for being an activist.

Cracker - I think living by example is a fine way to change hearts and minds.

Anonymous - That is so cute, got a picture of that?

Preset - Thanks for your participation.

Mirror - That sounds really cool, I think representation of queers in media, novels, etc is an important way to change public perception. Good luck on the book!

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