Saturday, August 2, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Breeder"

"Breeder" is a slang or joking term to describe heterosexuals. It is based on the fact that homosexual relations do not lead to reproduction but heterosexual sex does. Although few in number, there have been some hate crimes done by gays on straights that have coupled the word "Breeder" in their violent and/or verbal attack on straight people.


CrackerLilo said...

I don't like the word, but I once had a T-shirt with the logo "BREEDERDYKE" as a way to protest biphobia.

Lea said...

I only use the word "breeder" to refer to people who argue that queer sex is immoral because sex is meant only for reproduction. Because if you think your life is only meaningful for having babies, and your babies' lives are only meaningful for giving you grandkids, and the only purpose to human life is to reproduce as much as possible... then you're a breeder.

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