Monday, May 18, 2009

Democrats Want More of the Pink Dollar - Some Say NO!

On June 25th there is going to be a Democratic National Committee LGBT Leadership Council fund raising dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC.

It will be featuring Vice President Joe Biden as the guest of honor… the prices run from $30,400 to $1,000 per seat.

A President we can be Proud of?

Easter egg rolls while fun and PR good, they do not really provide us with much in the way of protections… and I think there is some kind of reality disconnect going on here.

Anyone remember Rick Warren at the inauguration? Anyone remember the discharge of Lt Dan Choi? Anyone remember the half-heart press release just hours before the vote on the Mathew Shepard hate crime law? Or the surreptitious write out of our issues from the White House web site? Or National Security Adviser James Jones saying he did not know if DADT would be repelled in our lifetime?

Anyone remember seeing any real leadership from President Obama or the congressional democrats on any of the issues that affect our LGBT community or our daily lives whatsoever?

The Democrats and President Obama must think we do…. Because they are coming to us for money again and don’t seem to get it… what we see is while they like gay dollars and votes, they don’t really like to do much on gay issues.

Lez Get Real
is asking everyone in the LGBT community to let the DNC know… “NO WE CAN’T… till they can.”

DNC- 202-863-8000


Phillip Minton said...

I completely agree. I've been spreading the word on this. Why the hell should we give them our money only to have them completely ignore us?

It's such an offensive slap in the face. Until I see some real action, some sort of acknowledgment of the historical progress we have made in the last few months, they won't get a penny from me.

Anonymous said...

Barry the Bullshitter fooled me once. He and the Democrats (as a party) will not fool me again. I donate money and time only to politically progressive candidates with a proven progressive track record. I will not support the Democratic Party financially, as I want none of my money going to re-elect Blue Dog Democrats or people like Specter. Obama has done nothing for me, nor the LGBT community and no longer even bothers to give us lip service. My recommendation to the LGBT community is to keep your mouths open and your wallets/purses shut until the Democrats show they deserve our support.

Anonymous said...

You guys just now figured out that the Dems were just pandering to you for your votes and money? Where the hell have you been? Add DADT and DOMA to the list. Suckers!

Queers United said...

If one penny from the DNC supports Specter they are gonna lose a lot of donations. He is saving his political life, why at the expense of our values? Hell no.

Anonymous said...

I'm done with ANY support to the dems until I see results in D.C.

kenny said...

Yea, I'm with you! Obama should totally have made Congress work on DADT BEFORE the financial crisis. And Rick Warren? Man it burns me up that guy is in the news everyday bragging about how he got to lead a prayer. And if Specter turns out to be the 60th vote for Healthcare reform, that would totally suck!

Look guys, don't donate if you don't want to (like you are "big donors" anyway). But don't pretend you know what you are bitching about.

Jenime said...

No more pink money from me!

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