Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hit The Streets - Prop 8 Upheld by Court!

Proposition 8 has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Gay marriage is officially illegal in the state of California, and the 18,000 marriages before hand are still in tact.

Be mad. Go out to the streets.



Mewi said...

*Slams my head against the desk*

Mewi said...

"No, slam the head of some ass...hole evil Christian against their desk."

Christianity is corrupt I give you that much. But it was more of one of those dramatic things I can say online without any real impact to my real forehead.

It seriously absolutely stupid that anyone with have an ethical sense of logic could uphold this proposition of H8. I want it to die, but I know all our LGBT leaders are going to try to take it to the ballot again, which I will NOT support.

Anonymous said...

Let's See:

You reject any appeal to God's law.

You reject the majority voice of the people.

You reject the ruling of the courts.

I seems like the only appeal you have is from your own selfish interest, like all criminals.

CrackerLilo said...

I want to cry and beat someone up and cry some more, and this isn't even me and my wife being affected. In that, we're kind of like the wastes of carbon who thought they had a "right" to vote on someone else's marriage.

CrackerLilo said...

Also, if we're "selfish," why aren't we the ones arrogating the "right" to vote on someone else's marriage to ourselves, troll?

Anonymous said...

I know Prop 8 being upheld blows, but in context, it's going against the tide. Now is the time to focus on advocacy and building support.I mean, with all the energy from our anger & disappointment, we could band together & make a powerful lobby for rights that matter a lot more than marriage. Not that marriage isn't a cause to fight for, but seriously...hate crimes legislation, discrimination, transgender rights?

There are many battles to fight, and we have three years before it'll be on the ballots again. So hit the streets, by all means. But do so with your head held high, in support of your community, and with hope and anger and a will to change things one person at a time.

Mewi said...

Lilo, he thinks we are being selfish because we want to get married to our loved ones. I guess that makes every single married person selfish? Thats quite a statement he is making.

Oh and he feels it is his right to make the decision whether we can or cannot get married. Wait who are the selfish ones again? Are we trying to take away other's marriages? Are straight marriages even remotely effected by our marriages?

But aren't these prop 8 huggers trying to steal away something that is our right, and was our right?

Who are the ones being selfish again?


Anonymous said...

1) Damn right we reject any appeal to a god's law. Keep your god out of our laws, and out of our private lives. You don't speak for the creator of the universe, quit pretending that you do.

2) We also reject the voice of the people. Being in the majority does not make you right. This country has a long tradition of the majority taking away the rights of the minority.

3) The courts don't have any more of a stranglehold on what is right than the people do. It was once legal to own slaves, but a person like that would be the criminal today.

One day very soon same-sex marriage will be legal everywhere, and there is nothing that the bigots and religious zealots can do about it. Your backwards 20th century anachronisms are dying. How can you reconcile calling people who seek same-sex marriage equality "criminals" with the fact that the courts recognize as valid the 18,000 marriages that were performed before prop 8? Why is someone who seeks justice, equality and love a criminal? As long as there are people who believe they are taking instructions from an imaginary friend in the sky this fight will be delayed, but as long as that phantom friend remains absent and silent, we will win it.

Robert Polzoni said...

As expected, the California Supreme Court has ruled Proposition 8 valid. I’m not a legal scholar, but to allow the moral indignation of a majority to take away the rights of a minority seems unconstitutional to me and a strike against the freedoms paid for and preserved by our forefathers. It's time for payback!!!

Queers United said...

It certainly is unconstitutional if we give any credence to the document at all. But we all know this can't goto the U.S. Supreme Court because they are conservative.

ACH said...

The text of the court's opinion. (The document is 185 pages, btw.)

Anonymous said...

I _am_ mad! Dang... how did they give the right to 18000 couples and tell the rest "sorry, you don't get it!" :(

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