Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maya Angelou Calls for Marriage Equality

Maya Angelou, an extroadinary autobiographer and poet has issued a call for marriage equality calling it an issue of basic fairness. She has joined a number of celebrities in lobbying the New York state senate to push for same-sex marriage.

"Angelou, who maintains a home in Harlem in New York City, placed three phone calls to state senators in the past week, compelled by her belief that allowing same-sex couples to marry is a matter of fairness.

“To love someone takes a lot of courage,” the 81-year-old said in an interview with the newspaper. “So how much more is one challenged when the love is of the same sex and the laws say, ‘I forbid you from loving this person’?"

Please send a thank you letter to Ms. Angelou via her office manager for speaking out for equal rights and using her platform of fame for justice.

Kimberly Wheeler, Office Manager


Rebecca said...

I can not begin to say how much Maya Angelou has influenced me in my life since reading Caged Bird at 12. It means so much that she has taken her time to voice her support for equality once more.
She once said:
"While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God's creation."
I see she has not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I have never been more proud! I grew up on Maya Angelou's poetry, novels, and essay. I love this woman with my whole heart, and to see her speaking out in such a way is a HUGE deal.

She has had and continues to have a great influence on society. Always a forward thinker ... again, I have never been more proud!

Anonymous said...

I ADORE Maya Angelou, and this makes me incredibly proud! I just wrote her a thank you note--thanks for letting us know!!

Queers United said...

This made me really happy too, first off I love her. Second it is so important for important people to speak out and especially voices of color who can effect change.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

You know? I KNEW I liked her! One of her quotes is so very important for me!

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