Friday, May 8, 2009

Urge NH Governor John Lynch to Sign Marriage Bill!

The New Hampshire legislature has voted to approve marriage equality. The bill now awaits at Governor John Lynch's desk who has previously stated his opposition to same-sex marriage, but did not say whether he would veto such a bill.

The governor formerly signed the civil unions bill, and it is time for him to step up to the plate and sign full marriage equality into law.

Please email and call the governor's office!

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Marc said...

Dear Governor Lynch,
I'm writing to urge you to sign the marriage equality bill that the NH House and Senate have passed. I understand that New Hampshire currently has a civil union law, but I feel strongly that "separate" is not "equal," and I hope that upon consideration, you will come to see that by its very nature, having a separate classification to accommodate same sex unions perpetuates the discrimination against the LGBT community.
Marc A Anderson

NH Baritone said...

Dear New Hampshire Governor Lynch,

I fervently ask you to sign the civil marriage legislation, once it arrives on your desk.

Your recent statement says that the Federal law should be changed to extend rights. However, Federal law now relates to marriage, not to civil unions, and it is just as likely that Federal law will continue to do so.

You indicate that you are interested in equality, so you should be invested in ensuring that there is never any question about whether a legally-joined couple has the full equal rights and responsi­bil­ities of marriage. Civil unions leave that question open, both among New Hampshire citizens and when same-sex couples travel to other states.

If and when Federal law changes, you should not have left New Hampshire in a position of retro­fitting our laws to meet Federal standards. Instead, by including same-sex couples in current state mar­riage law, you can leave New Hampshire prepared for any changes in Federal law.

The only way that you can ensure equality is to grant equality. If civil rights history & practice show anything, they indicate that separate is never equal. I urge you to bring to an end the exclusion of same-sex couples from civil marriage in the state of New Hampshire by signing the civil marriage legislation.

Michael said...

Dear Governor Lynch,

I urge you to sign the Marriage Equality Bill which has been passed by the New Hampshire Legislature.

A recent poll showed that the majority of the fine citizens of New Hampshire support marriage equality for all citizens.

We know from the past that "separate but equal" does not work. While we appreciate the Civil Unions law in New Hampshire, it is not the same thing as marriage nor is a Civil Union held in the same regard as marriage as the California Supreme Court so eloquently stated in their May, 2007 ruling for marriage equality in California.

As you are a man who obviously believes in equality for all Americans, I ask that you take the next step and sign the bill. This will put further pressue on the Federal Government to make the changes necessary at the federal level to protect law-abiding, taxpaying, gay Americans.

Thank you.

Mewi said...

NOM ( national organization for marriage ) is attacking the New Hampshire legislature with lies and commercializing an ad here in parts of vermont/New Hampshire and possibly else where.

The Ad displays the New Hampshire legislature as if they were accepting bribes from us the LGBT community to pass bills...


Anonymous said...

I think he may be taking the somewhat easy way out. If NH gov. does not sign, and does not veto, the bill can become law.

He may not want to sign for political reasons, but may also allow it to become law for the same reason.

meechls said...

Think good Gov. Lynch..... he'll sign it, he's been a good Gov up 'til now.....have faith.....we're going to be the 6th State! Wohoo!

Bhavani said...

Dear Governor Lynch,
It is way overdue. Please sign theMarriage Equality Bill.

Thank You I trust you will!

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