Sunday, December 28, 2008

U.K. Petition to NHS & Prime Minister "Stop Gay Blood Ban"

"The UK is currently dangerously low in it's stocks of blood.Therefore the NHS spends lots of taxpayers money on advertising and marketing costs in order to increase donor levels.

However, if the NHS changed one simple rule, they could potentially have several million extra donors eligible to give blood - instantly and without any marketing costs.

How? Allow gay people to give blood.

The UK law is outdated, stereotypical and discriminatory towards gay men.
More than that, it is risking lives - the UK urgently needs more blood.

A straight man who has sex with a different girl every weekend can give blood TODAY.
Intravenous Drug users can give blood after 1 year.
Prostitute users can give blood after 1 year.
Those who have had sex abroad in a high risk HIV country can give blood after 18 months.

Gay men are banned FOR LIFE, even if they've only ever had sex with one partner and they used protection."

SIGN THE PETITION that will be sent to the NHS blood donor Chief Executive and the Prime Minister later in 2008.


Anonymous said...

I hope they follow suit with the Thai blood ban lift that now screens out risky people based on a segment of the population as opposed to an entire population.

Queers United said...

I think these organizations are starting to wise up and realize that it isnt a population but segments of populations that carry risks. There are effective ways to screen out high risk groups without discriminating against a whole group of people. I know the blood services here, has to follow the FDA but they gladly forwarded my petition because they agree with me, they have to enforce the rules but they would like to see the blood ban overturned.

Unknown said...

We still need to push the FDA to change their widespread ban against homosexuals. Amazing how a federal agency can discriminate against an entire population when there is little scientific evidence showing that gay men are more likely to infect the bloodstream with HIV anymore.

theszak said...

A thought experiment... the strategy of let's get tested TOGETHER BEFORE we have sex, for A VARIETY of STDs. The same strategy that works for safety of the blood supply, a sexual health checkup reduces ambiguity and can be like anything else potential sex partners might do together.

Queers United said...

I think all couples should seek a check-up for STD's but I am not sure how this would help in changing the blood ban policy. Are you suggesting people provide documentation of a recent exam to show they have been clean?

theszak said...

          > I think all couples should seek a check-up for STD's
          > but I am not sure how this would help in changing
          > the blood ban policy. Are you suggesting people
          > provide documentation of a recent exam to show
          > they have been clean?

Potential sex partners getting tested TOGETHER BEFORE having sex, for A VARIETY of STDs get their tests results together. Before getting a blood transfusion blood is tested.

Queers United said...

People should absolutely get tested, but the blood service should not discriminate based on sexual orientation.

Anonymous said...

hi all
i am really enjoying giving my opinions on these forums

i hope and truly hope that there will be no discrimination towards me
the same as we people feel when "normal" people discriminate against us!

here is my point for this thread!
i would love if they did realistic studies.....
if they allowed (known)confident gay peoples blood/sperm to go into blood/sperm banks and then allowed 25 yrs to pass and see if homosexuality is a genetic thing or just a chance/personal thing........
...i am quite sure but cannot be confidently certain(due to "facts" from the medical science world)
that whether a person is homosexual,heterosexual or bisexual or should not mean that the blood recipients/offspring will be affected/identical to the blood or sperm donor
hope that makes sense!
secondly........oooops -forgot my 2nd point!hahaha
have a great new year gay or not!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...i remember
i wonder with people who say adamantly that they are not gay

i wonder if we were able to force people who are homophobic to actually give homosexual activity a once off see if they get sexually aroused(physically or psychologically)

and just check whether its peer pressure that sways them to be heterosexual or whether they are truly not into same sex(such as myself....i am not homophobic or homosexual.......unless you consider me to be lesbian/gay as an xxy individual)
food for thought people dont you think?

Queers United said...

hey peace maybe im not understanding, but the blood isnt acceped because of the high rates of HIV amongst gsy/bi men not because of fear of becoming gay or sperm with gay offspring.

Laurie said...

Ya know....Straight people can have the
HIV/AIDS virus in their blood!

I don't know why the hell people don't
see that you can't tell which blood comes
from straights and which one comes from
My gosh! Your sexual preference shouldn't be
a factor in blood donations....


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