Monday, December 29, 2008

"Please Don't Divorce Us" Campaign

The Courage Campaign, a progressive organization that has been very active in fighting proposition 8 has begun the "Please Don't Divorce Us" campaign. The campaign is in response to the anti-equality folks who want to nullify the existing 18,000 same-sex marriages performed in California prior to the right to get married being taken away.

The effort is to put a face to the marriage equality movement and to show Kenneth Starr arguing to nullify the marriages and those on the anti-equality side that their efforts are affecting real families.

To get your picture added just take a picture holding a piece of paper that says "Please don't divorce us," "Please don't divorce my moms,""Please don't divorce my friends, Dawn and Audrey," "Please don't divorce Californians" or whatever you want after "Please don't divorce..." and send it to:


Anonymous said...

I agree. Don't divorce them!

Liyana T said...

Im Bruneian, I'm Malay and so-called Moslem, but I'm also an anthropologist. The funny thing is why? Why and for what reason is the American government overturning same-sex marriages? This is all true, we are talking about families here, people with children. Is there a possibility that someone could argue that children from heterosexual families are just as worst off as children from homosexual families? In fact thinking of lesbian power women, I doubt that these kids will go through a hard time, more likely than not they're middle class children with expensive education and a whole lot of love. This reminds me of another similar case that I also argued concerning single women in Malaysia who adopt children. Admittedly most of these women are gay and there were attempts to prohibit single women from adopting children but from what I heard the issue died down quickly (because some important gay male celebrities themselves also adopt children), maybe those in queer activism could look into this and hopefully find a clue. And I hope that no government has the right to tear down a good and decent family apart.

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