Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Add This New Years Resolution To The List

This New Years, please add to your resolution list to be more involved with queer activism.

Via this website and many others, it is easy to be an activist without ever having to leave the comforts of your home (not that we are suggesting that). Thanks to the internet, there is no excuse for apathy anymore, while protests, and demonstrations are vital, we can be a loud voice through our internet presence. There is no time like the present to band together and demand equal rights and to educate others about sexual and gender minorities.

I resolve to continue posting action alerts you can fill out online, and to update you on ongoing protests, and companies to support and boycott.

So many of you have been loyal readers and that is wonderful, but remember 'Queers United' is not a news site, there are many other sites for that, this is a site to band us together and to bring about a cohesive voice so that we can respond when injustice occurs or praise those where gratitude is due.

Will you pledge to fill out the forms, emails, and various action alerts we put out to the best of your ability?


Anonymous said...

Consider me pledged. I'm so thankful for sites like this one and others. I think something I want to do is, once a week (at least) have a gay rights post on my own blog. We need to stand up for what we believe in and know to be our rights.

Thanks for pressing on in this battle!

Queers United said...

Bless your heart, I am totally behind you on getting gay rights posts on your blog. Together we fight, and we will win!

Shauna said...

I will continue posting and adding my two cents when I see fit, you know I will stand beside you for our rights. Love ya E

Anonymous said...

You know, I don't really do resolutions... but this one I think I can take on. :)

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