Saturday, December 27, 2008

Open Forum: Are All Males Biologically Transsexual?

We all start off in the womb with feminine traits. A few weeks into fetal development fetuses have a pair of "urogenital folds" with a small protuberance in the middle, and the urethra behind the protuberance. After sexual differentiation occurs we are distinctly male, female, or intersex.

Couldn't it be argued that all bio males are trans-sexual in the sense that they started off as females? While biological males did not elect to undergo any sex change, the natural process of evolution in the womb does this.

This is just food for thought, it is likely to elicit a plethora of thoughts and comments and I thought it would be interesting for today's open forum. Thoughts?


Laurie said...

Ya know what's funny is that
my son and I were talking about
that just the other day....
He said 'I WAS a girl once....Then I
grew up.'

I thought it was the funniest thing....
I would have been happy no matter what....
I just wanted a healthy baby :)


Unknown said...

this is VERY interesting subject...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I wasn't born a woman. Being a woman seems so complicated ..

Anonymous said...

I would say that, despite all kids starting out sort-of female in the womb, you're only truly transsexual if you've had a conscious experience of feeling different from your assigned gender. Most cis males seem to have no memory of being female or being out of tune with their bodies.

But I've sometimes heard there are more transsexuals born male than born female, and I almost wonder if it could be due to a tendency for testosterone to fail to differentiate the brain in some cases, so that, despite developing boy parts, the brain never develops a sense that it should have boy parts and is expecting the default girl parts.

libhom said...

I agree with space for the most part. I do think the change in sex characteristics in utero is interesting, though.

Anonymous said...

No, It's not possible to prove that the fetus could be trans because the science isn't their and with the current medical and scientific technology we have right now, it's not possible at the moment. Though come back to me within a 100 to 150 years and maybe we can prove it with the scientific technology of the future.

See, we can prove intersex more easily and very fast though DNA karyotying, Physiological, and biological. See we can take blood samples and run test for any intersex condition out their and prove it with a DNA karyotype.

Yes it's true that all fetus's start out in the default female form and if you want proof, take a look in a Grey's Anatomy book and look it up for your self.

Queers United said...

Yeah I think it is an interesting thing to ponder but for sure its completely different than the transgender experience, can't compare the two at all, it is like apples to oranges.

Anonymous - aka Nicky, this has nothing to do with intersex, or your hate for trans people, stop trying to turn every post into a discussion on how "intersex is natural, and transgender people are not"

Anonymous said...

very very interesting food for thought!
i like the diversities of humans on planet earth
including the diversities of opinions,that is why its public knowledge that i listen to what nicky and also anyone who has different views to the "norm"!
if there werent THE strict classifications of people of planet earth,being divided into just two sexes and not three sexes or more sexes
then i can imagine us people leading healthier lives psychologically!
may i say that these topics are extremely important to discuss,and as much as i value nickys (controversial at times) points of view....i must agree with queers united on the point of ....we must open our minds to all possibilities of situations!
i think PEOPLE being born the way they are,behave and dress and natural
and science,in general(not always) has confused many a person by restricting anyone feeling comfortable being somewhere in between the sexes.
i have youtube videos(peaceandparty,theinbeatweeners,masterpeaces) that are slowly being erased due to the sensitivities of these sorts of themes
i applaud the fact that this site is around!
yet,i am not sure whether there is enough respect around to realise that we are all in the basic stages of understanding life on earth,and no one should be blaming another for being narrow minded or controversial in their opinions....
nick,you have made me aware of this site-thank you-
we are all one but we are not the same
all for one and one for all
peace be with you all always
happy new year in advance!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Yes the basic body plan is female. Why else would males have nipples for that matter?

They also have knowledge that hormones produced by mom can have dramatic effects on development. So maybe that's what causes us to be gay? Who knows.

Shauna said...

You knew I would see this didn't you E, well this subject is so true because it gave me my gift to be both :) I wouldn't trade my life with anyone no matter the cost.

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