Friday, December 26, 2008

Ideas For Change In America! has invited us to submit an idea for a policy or program, discuss with others, and vote on the best ideas from around the country. Just before Inauguration Day they will host a major event with more than a dozen leading organizations in Washington, DC and deliver the top 10 rated ideas to a representative of the Obama Administration. They will also then announce the launch of a national lobbying campaign in collaboration with leading advocacy groups to mobilize the millions of people on and partner sites like MySpace to ensure that each winning idea gets the full consideration of the administration and the 111th Congress.

So here is where we come in, first I would ask you all to help in voting for LGBTQ issues, second what do YOU think is the most important issue that you want the Obama admin to consider, 'Queers United' will post our collective idea that generates the most interest and we can all vote to advance our idea of change, if the idea is already on the list, we will just promote that idea and ask for our readers to vote that up.

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