Friday, December 19, 2008

Rick Warren: "Gays Are Immature And Promiscuous"

News headlines broke earlier in the week with the announcement that President-elect Barack Obama had chosen anti-gay pastor Rick Warren to be part of the inauguration. This alone sparked a media frenzy and anger from liberal and LGBT organizations.

Now in an interview with NBC's Ann Curry, Pastor Warren responds to the question of how he would deal with homosexuality if it proves to be biologically based.

The insinuation that we are somehow underdeveloped and "immature" and that all LGBT people are "promiscuous" is a lie and downright offensive.

Take action by clicking here to send a form through Equality California, demanding Obama rescind the invitation.


Anonymous said...

Are you listening BO?

Phillip Minton said...

Hahaha. I'd like to know who these "gay friends" are that told him it was natural for them to have multiple sex partners. Hahahahaha.

j-boo said...

I saw this insulting segment on the "Today" show this morning and have my TiVo set to record the whole "Dateline" interview tonight.

His words were utterly appalling, with such incredible & false insinuations to boot.

Thank you for posting this.


Winx, Jinxi

Scot said...

Unite the Fight, that struck me as odd too.

I've had many gay friends tell me "Well Rick, why shouldn't I have many sexual partners; it's the natural thing to do"

Many gay friends tell him this, eh? This makes Rick sound kind of... imaginative?

I think anyone who attacks gays for being promiscuous should first state their sexual history. If they can beat my history of one sexual partner ever, in my husband, then they can talk to me about promiscuity :-).

It's also telling that he seems to think being attracted to men is all about wanting some sort of physical sex act when the attraction is found in men, but I'm sure he'd see the more humanizing picture in the emotions and psychology of the same attraction and behaviors when found in, say, his wife.

Queers United said...

I also think it is telling about what he said about attractive women he sees. So he would like to have sex with them but he controls himself, interesting, I am sure his wife is thrilled to know that he has wondering eyes.

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh out loud. It really demonstrates his ignorance about queer identity and sexuality in general. And the irony of all that he says about promiscuity and homosexuality is that gay men and lesbians are demanding the recognition and respect of their committed, *monogamous* relationships. It's very strange logic he's using.

Kelly said...

Wow. He doesn't make any sense. If I were against gay marriage I certainly wouldn't want HIM speaking on my behalf. He is waaay out there with his 'arguments.'

And that comment about him wanting to have sex with every beautiful woman he sees was just awkward. That statement did not help his so-called opinion on gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? He believes in imaginary beings. And the superstitious should have a say in what our laws state?

adamfoxie said...

I want to know about whom he is talking about" His gay friends" that have asked him about having threesome.
I don't think he could have a single gay you? Can you believe that? This A. Hitler saying my best friends are jews, but I would like them dead anyway!

Anonymous said...

He's actually making quite the case for monogamous gay couples in that video! What a joke...he is a mess.

Merlyn said...

This man is disgusting. His comments, which will only fuel the Religious Wrong's hatred of us are dispicable--this really makes me want to stay in this country--NOT!

I'm sure his wife is thrilled to hear that he wants to have sex with every beautiful woman he sees. I have eyes for only one person in this spouse.

I have been on this earth 55 years and I do not need Rick Warren to tell me how to lead an ethical life--nor does the rest of the LGBT community!

Anonymous said...

I'd pay money for that man to sit down here in SJ with Jim Crooks, owner of Mahogany Manor B&B (Google it for Saint John if you're curious) Jim is a Baptist minister, married to a wonderful man (Carl Trickey) who ran for local council and has been integral to cleaning up the streets of our city.

They're loyal, faithful, super intelligent, and my very dear friends.

Over the years I have seen Jim for many things, oftentimes advice on life issues. Even though I am not Christian I had (and still do) planned for Jim to mary my mate and I when we can afford it.

Jim and Carl are not promiscuous or immature. They're two of the most valuable citizens of this stinking city.

I know, I'm rambly today, but .. this freak makes me mad as hell.

Anonymous said...

Rick Warren makes some good points, if you are willing to listen. He says that our human nature should not determine what is permissible, GOD determines what is permissible (if you don't believe in God, then his arguments won't convince you). Marriage is a religious institution. Most gays would care less about marriage except for government's involvement with marriage, giving benefits for married people. If government got out of marriage, this controversy would largely subside.

Anonymous said...

From the Biden-Palin debate....

Biden: I will tell Americans straight up that I don’t support defining marriage as anything but between one man and one woman, and I think through nuances we can go round and round about what that actually means.

IFILL: Let’s try to avoid nuance, Senator. Do you support gay marriage?

BIDEN: No. Barack Obama nor I support redefining from a civil side what constitutes marriage. We do not support that.

Unknown said...

Anonymous: Prove your god is real, and then prove it believes what you say it believes.

Until then, STFU and go back to being the mindless sheep you are.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the biggest problem with Rick Warren is that he believes what he thinks his Bible says and that is that no one is going to "Heaven" except those who are born again Christians as he (and millions like him) see in their Bibles.

Ann Curry failed to asked the really important questions. She, like others, failed to ask about his church's recruitment tactics when dealing with people living with HIV/AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Can we all MOSTLY agree to tell Warren and his ilk to just FUCK OFF?

I think a little whipping in the Christian tradition of Jesus chasing the money-changers from the temple ought to do the trick.

This "firestorm" of anger will not subside soon due to our determination to no longer figuratively to "sit in the back of the bus." The promised land is as much our right as it was and is the African-American community's. We will not go gently into that night, we are going to fight with everything at our disposal to ultimately win this war of ideas. May God help us to do it peacefully!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a wall of separation between church
and state in the United States,and if we gay
men want to have promiscuous sex that is our
business not yours!!!

Doug said...

Hey guys. Shut up.

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