Monday, June 23, 2008

ACTION ALERT: South Carolina School District Voting on GSA Issue Tonight!

"A request from a student at Irmo High to form a Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) club at the school has presented a difficult and complicated decision for the School Board. While this club is student-initiated and not school or district sponsored, if the school has permitted the formation of other non-curricular clubs, federal law requires that the school provide equal access to a Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) Club. The law is very clear that if non-curricular clubs are allowed at a school, which they currently are at Irmo High, it would be discriminatory not to allow the formation of a Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) club." More info on the story here.

Please contact the board and have your voice heard on the issue. Students should have the right to form a club and be free to have a safe space to discuss issues of concern to LGBT students and allies.

Contact Members of the Board!


Queers United said...

These emails are coming back to me, I got them off of the website they are for the hotline addressing the issue and the board of trustees members. I am not sure why they are bouncing back for me. Anyone having this problem?

Chet said...

I will let you know in fact I am about to forward this to a friend in Atlanta.

Queers United said...

News Flash: They are keeping all clubs but there is a provision not to discuss "sexually explicit" topics so that they keep with their abstinence only education program. The school decided to give the GSA a green light so as to avoid a lawsuit.

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