Thursday, June 12, 2008

Word of the Gay: "Lesbophobia"

"Lesbophobia" can be described as negative sentiments harbored towards an individual lesbian or a group of queer identified womyn. It is an irrational fear or hatred of womyn who are physically and/or emotionally drawn to other womyn. The term is used to describe a fear of same-sex attraction among womyn, as well as the fear by some men of these womyn for not loving men. "Lesbophobia" can range from the stereotype that all female athletes are lesbian, to the notion that all are angry and hate men, to a subordination of "L" issues within the the broader LGBT rights movement.

"Lesbophobia" unlike its similar counterpart homophobia has a focus on issues affecting lesbian identified womyn not only on the basis of societies stigma based on sexual orientation but also on the sexism that pervades our culture.


Miss Vicki said...

Oh it's a lot of that kind of phobia going around. I dare not tell another man trying to hit on me that I am a lesbian - no way.

Anonymous said...

In response to Miss Vicki's experience:

Watch the video and jump to the part where there's 6:05 left on the video. The lady wearing the khaki jacket tells a story of a straight man hitting on her, by asking her to dance with him, but she refuses and then the guy grabs the back of her head because she refused.

Queers United said...

i can't believe people are so disrespectful, thanks for sharing that.

Miss Vicki said...

Thanks presetyourjet!

Glad she had her friends there to assist & protect her. I know that story only too darn well. Someone straight men can become very intimidated when you say, "I'm a Lesbian." Fists start to blow, sometimes. Never making a mistake like it again.

And, I don't have any close straight girlfriends anymore, associates and we may travel in the same circle, but straight girlfriends always seem to think (my experience) since I'm gay I should be tempted by the mere fact they are woman. Eventually they get pissed when they find out something differently "What's Wrong With Me" comes into play.

And, them bitches can be gruel after they feel rejection.

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