Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What Does Transphobia Look Like?

1. Assuming that everyone is either male or female.

2. Continuing to use inappropriate gender pronouns after being corrected or calling someone "it".

3. Continuing to call someone by a name which they no longer identify.

4. Believing that Transgender people cannot be "real" men or "real" women.

5. Assuming that there are appropriate for ways for men and women to look.

6. Considering transsexuality to be a mental illness or a disorder.

7. Thinking that cross dressing is a sexual fetish or perversion.

8. Expecting all Transgender people to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

9. Believing that Transgender people will automatically feel included by adding "T" to the label "LGB."

10. Feeling uncomfortable around someone who is androgynous or who challenges traditional gender boundaries.

11. Expecting all Transgender people to be transsexual and want to transition completely or at all.

12. Believing that women cannot be cross dressers.

13. Thinking that people identify as Transgender because it is trendy.

14. Assuming that Genderqueer individuals are confused or undecided.

15. Believing that Transgender youths cannot be trusted to make decisions about their gender identities.

16. Thinking that transsexual women are really gay men who are so afraid to admit that they are gay that they would rather consider themselves heterosexual women.

17. Belieiving that someone is using the wrong bathroom because they dont appear gender typical.

18. Treating hormones therapies and gender re-assignment surgeries as elective medical procedures, rather than basic health care for transsexual individuals.

19. Asking someone what their genitals look like.

20. Failing to rent an apartment, give a job or promotion, or to provide a service to a person because the person is assumed to be transgender.

21. Excluding a Transgender person from activities, discussions, or decisions because that person "doesn't fit in."

*Courtesy of the UMass Amherst Stonewall Center


Anonymous said...

Thanks for re-posting this. It makes a good start.

21. To not understand that most have you have met some of us and never knew you were meeting one of 'those people.'

22. Not realizing that you've already used the bathroom with us and had no clue that we weren't male or female like you expect you'd know.

Queers United said...

very true and great add-ons, thanks for that!

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