Monday, June 2, 2008

Queers United Welcomes all Homophobes to Our Site

So Queers United has had its first homophobic comment, yay! This comment was left on the entry about homophobe Greg Gutfeld of Fox News.

"fuck all you gay bastards..jesus christ keep all that fag shit to yerself you fucking queer..and queers united is a ridiculous name..and all of you are ridiculous people and should be put on a giant boat set a sail and sank"
I want to thank the person who wrote this, you inspire me and hopefully others here to continue our activism and educate and create awareness to stop homophobes like yourself.


Diane J Standiford said...

I would say,^&* %^ ^&*()_)(*&...$%^ &*) $%^&*() %^ #$%^ to the commenter, but I won't sink to its level.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first hate comment. It always gives me more fuel for my fire. The more fuel the brighter it burns. The more people see.
Keep up the good work.

Miss Vicki said...

I Stand With Queers United, in thanking the person - We Stand Tall - We Stand Strong and We Stand United.

Jesus Christ said he wish the world would quit using his name to lie on him - he's really tired of that song.

And, fuel you give us "Mr. Full of Hate for yourself" BECAUSE we know that the only reason you curse scream and try to destroy those who aren't bothering you IS THAT something about QUEERS UNITED hit you so truthfully that you had to respond as such -

That's called, "You Know When Ya Got Them Up Against The Ropes!"

Go Queers United - We Stand Tall!!!

Queers United said...

AMEN! I nominate you as Queers United's Lesbian Evangelist hehe.

Anonymous said...

You know, I've gotten into the habit of doing a lot of self-questioning and soul-searching whenever I have a strong reaction to anything. For example: if I respond with anger to someone or something, I've come to realize that it's rooted in an unresolved fear of mine.

The great and useful part of all this, is that I know in my bones that anyone else's angry or hateful response is similarly rooted in old, murky, painful, frightened feelings.

We are queers, and we ARE united. Homophobes like this one are all alone with their fear, discomfiture and utter lack of self-awareness. They would be quite comical if they weren't so pathetic.

We can afford some pity.

Not Important said...

Wow! You rule.

I've been blogging for well over a year, and I haven't seen anyone with that kind of hatred stop by.

Of course, I like to use big words, so maybe they get all cross-eyed and leave.

Queers United said...

Victoria I think you hit the nail on the head - this person is having issues, they are the one who is suffering.

Gdad thank you. Your blog is probably way too sophisticated for a simple minded homophobe to understand. Just reading what the person wrote conveys their lack of intelligence not only with regards to their argument form but also grammatically speaking.

Anonymous said...

Yea, that guy was a jerk. I may disagree with small parts of the gay movement but I would never throw out such bigoted comments.

I found that video to be very moving btw. It's a horrible yet bitter reality in this world that many people are so completely mentally shocked by things they don't understand and they channel it into hatred or inability to perform their job.

Regardless of all that, you have still shown your lack of rational thought concerning the host of Red Eye. Every story you have on Greg Gutfeld includes a clip of him saying something that isn't homophobic yet you continue to misrepresent him. You would do well to rethink your position on this man.

Queers United said...

Well, Elite I do appreciate you taking the time to watch the video and I am glad you found it informative. I don't just pick on Greg for no reason, I find him to be funny many times, in the few instances I bring him up I found his material to be very offensive. We aren't calling for a boycott or anything, just asking him to think twice before he says things that may damage lives.

SNT said...

I guess you are doing something right, when they start complaining and doing the name calling game

Queers United said...

sick that's always been my philosophy

Anonymous said...

you probably wrote that comment yourself so you could write another lame blog... congratulations

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